27 November 2015

my black friday picks

It is soooo difficult not to be tempted by the Black Friday - Cyber Monday discounts but it would be rude not to have a quick peruse of my favourite High Street shops to see what's on offer and catching my eye at the moment! These are just a few random items that I'm trying to resist but that I thought I'd share! First up is Gap as they seem to have the best deal with 40% off everything online and 50% off instore! Yep, my first pick is that jacket that seems to be the bloggers favourite, I've got to admit I am sitting on my hands in order to avoid clicking the button!

I said I wouldn't be doing a Christmas jumper but this Nordic style sweater looks so gorgeous!

Now onto Mango who are doing 30% off until 29th November using code 5BLACK2015 at checkout. I love this little beaded jacket, this would be fab to jazz up jeans and heels for Christmas drinks....love it with the red leather trews too!

I think this blouse would be a really useful addition to my Winter wardrobe as I have nothing like it....definitely a gap in there for one of these.

I love all the colourful versions of these stoles/snoods/popsicles but in all honestly I would probably get the most wear out of this plain black fur one from Mango

Mango faux fur snood, though I'd call this a stole?!

There are a couple of things I'm hankering after from ASOS who have 20% off everything using CYBER at checkout. I would love a fun fur coat and this Brave Soul one ticks all of my boxes....a bit of something to glam up an evening outfit but would also look fab with jeans and hi-tops for daytime!

Last but not least, as I have become a fan with dresses/skirts worn with boots this season this swing dress would be another welcome addition to my wardrobe, I think this may well be snuck onto the Christmas wish list!

So these are the things that are sitting in my virtual baskets....will I take the plunge?! 

In other news....following on from my last post, the gorgeous Eve All Worn Out, as well as another lovely commenter Michelle who alerted me to an alternative pair of Uggs which I have to say are much nicer (IMO) than the Petra's which were top of my Christmas wish list. I have now purchased and stashed these on behalf of Father Christmas ;0)

Quick outfit round-up.....

Topshop coat, past season similar here
Uniqlo Merino sweater, here
Brave Soul shirt, past season similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Topshop Bardot boots, current here
Longchamp tote bag, here
Primark scarf, past season

M&S Limited Edition coat, past season but if I didn't have this coat I would love either this Brave Soul or this AX Paris faux fur coat both in the ASOS 20% off with CYBER promotion.
Uniqlo Merino sweater, here
J Crew denim shirt, past season via eBay
Gap legging jeans, past season similar here
Converse hi-tops, here

Zara coat, current but sold out online
Uniqlo navy Merino v-neck sweater, here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Adidas Gazelles, here
Mulberry Seth, ancient
Aquascutum scarf, similar here

Donna Ida sweater via Hero, Stockbridge
Zara pleather skirt, here
Topshop Bardot boots, here

Please share your Black Friday purchases with me!

23 November 2015

christmas wishes

It's taken me a while to get together my Christmas wish list.....I'll be honest and say there isn't a great deal I want or need, I'm feeling pretty blessed at the moment! I did start my research a few weeks back and I must admit one of the first things I spied for my wish list were some Boden Joni boots after spying them on Jane from My Midlife Fashion here ........my love for them has been excabated by some of my favourite French Instagrammer's sporting leopard print boots. However having ordered (and returned) them twice I've scratched the itch as I've realised as much as I adore them they don't really fit my lifestyle as much as I want them too! So I've turned my attention to these....

I know, I know.....the polar opposite but these are a helluva lot more practical for this school run mum. I had my last pair of Uggs for Christmas 9 years ago (classic chesnut tall) and they are still wearable but they do need a replacing so these are top of the list! I have the lovely Natalie from Glamrosie to thank for introducing me to this style which I think will more wearable than the tall ones for me.

Next up is some skincare that I've been hankering after. A couple of weeks ago I was given a sample of some Dior Dream Skin and I fell hook line and sinker for this product! It' a serum/primer that I've been using over my morning moisturiser. For me this would replace the BB cream that I use as it does have a tinge of colour to it. Unfortunately it's a rather eye-watering £79 for 30ml but I'm hoping Santa will be able to snag it for a bit less this Black Friday. If you want to try before you buy you could do as one of my lovely friends suggested and buy a sample from eBay, like this one here.

After savouring the Amanda Brooks book I was given for my birthday back in October I've added some more stylish reads to the Christmas list.......

Love, Style, Life by Garance Dore

Another gap I've wanted to fill handbag-wise has been a leopard print clutch, I already have a couple of animal print bags but I wanted one that would go with tan shoes so the criteria is all print with no contrast and I think I've found the perfect number at Pull & Bear here

Christmas is always a good time to stock up on some lovely PJ's and I love these from Next.

And it's always a good time to ask for those things that you wouldn't normally treat yourself to, so one of these is also on my list.

I'd be happy with just a couple of items off my list....how about you? Is your Christmas wish list short and sweet or as long as your arm? What's are you hoping to find under the tree this year? I'd love to hear!

My outfits from the past few days!

Zara coat, sold out similar here
J Crew sweater, past season similar here
Gap original fit jeans, past season
Adidas Stan Smiths, past season, similar here
Furla bag, ancient

Topshop parka, past season similar here
H&M Sweater, current here
Zara black biker jeans, current not online
Nine West biker boots, ancient similar here
Zara scarf, ancient

Zara coat, current but out of stock, similar here
Uniqlo sweater, past season, similar here
Uniqlo shirt, past season similar here
H&M jeans, past season similar here
Nike Blazers, here

Topshop parka, past season similar here
H&M jeans, past season similar here
Nike Blazers, here
M&S bag, similar here

Boden Off duty sweater, past season similar here
Gap legging jeans, past season similar here
Nike Blazers, here

It's going to be a pretty packed week for me as I forge ahead with my Christmas shopping, along with the DH's birthday and my Mum's 70th birthday celebrations to mix things up a bit! I'm looking forward to a couple of occasions to get semi-dressed up so I'll be back with some dressier outfits soon!

See you again shortly!

18 November 2015

style crush - sofia

I'm blaming my latest obsession entirely on Amanda Brooks book *Always pack a party dress*! She counts the ever elegant Sofia Coppola as one of her style icons and I have to agree for she is now my latest style crush! It's not difficult to see why.....

Pictures all via Pinterest

She's so elegant isn't she? All the research on Sofia ended up resulting in a purchase as the one common denominator in all this fab inspiration is the Mary-Jane style footwear. The picture above made me go for for my latest acquisition as we had a 50th birthday bash to attend at the weekend and my Topshop Daisy dress was crying out for another airing. I knew this style of shoe would be perfect with my dress so I ordered these from River Island.

I picked these up on Wednesday and they were already earning their pay per wear on Thursday when I wore them here for a fab neighbour's soiree.....

Rock & Religion sweatshirt, seems to be sold out now :0(
Zara coated skinnies, ancient similar here
River Island shoes, current here

Then they were out again with my dress on Saturday.

Topshop Daisy dress, past season similar here or here (bargain!)
River Island shoes, current here
Chanel bag, ancient

They've given my party wardrobe a little lift as these will be perfect with my bargain Whistles satin crop trousers I blogged about here and they will also be brilliant with the culottes that I had actually packed away for Winter but that I will be retrieving! From the inspiration above I can see there will be so many ways in which I can wear them and so I'm extremely happy with this little purchase! Have you found any party shoes that are breathing a bit of new life into your wardrobe....I'd love to hear!

A completely mixed bag of outfits for the rest of the week! What is going on with the weather?!

Muubaa leather jacket, past season similar here
H&M sweater, current here
H&M ripped jeans, past season, similar here
Topshop Bardot boots, current here
Pull & Bear foulard/snood, current here

Topshop parka, past season similar here
Zoe Karssen sweater, past season similar here
Gap always skinny jeans, past season similar here
Nike Blazers, here

Marks and Spencer coat, past season
Jaeger sweater, past season similar here
Gap always skinny jeans, past season similar here
Nike Blazers, here
Anya Hindmarch Gracie bag, past season

Topshop coat, past season similar here
Topshop sweater, past season similar here
Zara jeans, past season similar here
Nine West biker boots, past season similar here
Jigsaw bag, past season similar here
Efurt scarf, past season via this lovely boutique

Now that I have scored these shoes I think that just about concludes my purchases for 2015....though with a cold snap promised for the weekend a new pair Uggs from Santa is at the top of Christmas wish list! I have been keeping a capsule wardrobe in mind, though my version of it consists of in the region of 100 A/W pieces....which is still more than I'd like but everything thing I have bought so far has been on a one in, one out basis and that has worked really well for me. There is still work to be done though and I'm refining all the time, but for now I'm going to work with what I've got. I'll be back with my Christmas wish list, I'll warn you it's pretty meagre at the moment...though I'll probably get whipped up in the buying frenzy that is Black Friday next week! Anyone already making lists for that yet?

Wishing you a happy mid-week....be back soon!

12 November 2015

a bit of sparkle!

I feel in need of a little sparkle in my life at the moment! I have a couple of nights out on the agenda but they don't require getting really dressed up.......yet I always welcome the opportunity to go a bit glam. I'd been umming and ahhing over this Rock & Religion sweatshirt from ASOS that I featured a few posts back (here) so I eventually took the plunge and ordered it!

So glad I did! It's actually a lot lovelier in real life as you can't really see the silver/black pattern in the sequins in the picture above. 

I have a few ideas for styling it over the coming weeks but this is how I wore it last night for a Jo Malone Mistletoe and Mischief event followed by dinner with my bestie!

Zara coat, current here
Rock & Religion sweatshirt, current here
Zara skirt, current here
Topshop Bardot boots, current here
Balenciaga bag, ancient, similar here

I'm off to a soiree with neighbours tonight so I'm going to wear the sweatshirt again with skinnies and heels! Really getting into the Christmas spirit now......though I'm not one for donning a full-on Christmas sweater. However this will be perfect for the big day as we are off to one of our favourite restaurant for lunch which is going to be a very relaxed affair but with a bit of sparkle I will still feel that I've made an effort. The beauty of this sweatshirt is that is I can dress it up with a pleather pencil skirt and some cage sandals but it looks just as good with a pair of skinnies and hi-tops for a daytime look.....I am all about getting maximum usage out of my clothing these days! Will you be succumbing to a Christmas sweater this year or will you be going for a bit of glitz instead?!

The usual outfit round-up....

Topshop coat, past season similar here
Topshop shirt, current here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Converse hi-tops, here
Furla bag, ancient

Topshop coat, past season similar here
Uniqlo Breton top, current here
Jack Wills denim skirt, past season similar here
Topshop Bardot boots, current here

Pull & Bear cardigan, curent here
Gap Merino v-neck sweater, past season similar here
Zara Army trousers, past season similar here
Converse, here

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.....I have a rare opportunity to wear a frock this Saturday for a 50th birthday party which I'm really forward too!

Back soon!

p.s I've had a couple of comments on Instagram to say that the sweatshirt is now sold out on ASOS, there are still some size 8's and 10's left on Amazon here!

9 November 2015

new boots!

It's that time of year when I find myself in need of some boots. I've made plenty of trainer purchases but weather-wise I'm definitely in need of something a tad more practical...what with the rain we've been having here of late the trainers are just not going to cut it. A few posts back that I did a Diane Kruger style steal and featured some Topshop Marr black leather chelsea boots. When the bad weather struck last week my first port of call was the Topshop website to seek out and purchase the Marr's! Will I ever learn?! Sold out! Cue a lot of web trawling to see if I could find them anywhere else. Not a sniff so I resigned myself to the fact I'd missed them. That was until I popped into Toppers mid-week. No sign of the Marr's but meet the Bardot's......

Ahhh yes! You will do nicely!

My main criteria (apart from keeping the trotters dry) was to find a boot that would still look good with a skirt (and dress) since I've added a few to my wardrobe lately and I want to be able to get my wear out of them! They say the sign of a good purchase is if you wear things straightaway......so I think the Bardot boots will pay their way in no time if my last couple of outfits have been anything to go by!

Dorothy Perkins pinafore, past season. similar here
J Crew Sweater, similar here
Topshop Bardot boots, current here

Cos Sweater, current here
Zara skirt, current here
Topshop Bardot boots, current here

Have you invested in some Winter boots yet? What have you plumped for? Did you have a certain criteria? I'd love to hear!

Another outfit to share from Saturday. The great thing about blogging is the amazing people you get to meet. On Saturday I managed to catch a ride with the DH who just happened to be working in the vicinity of one of my lovely Insta friends so I seized the opportunity to grab a quick cuppa with the gorgeous Chloe.....check out her fabulous Instagram feed! This is what I wore.....

Zara coat, past season, similar here
Cos sweater, current here
H&M jeans, past season similar here
Nike Blazers, via eBay, buy here
Balenciaga bag, similar here

Just a couple of other outfits to share. I finally got around to wearing one of my birthday presents (thanks to my lovely mum!) which is a new camel coat from Zara. Unfortunately we got this quite a while ago so it is nowhere to be seen on their website but I have noticed that Next have done something very similar see here.

Zara coat, sold out, similar here
Gap v-neck Merino sweater, past season, similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Converse h-tops, here
Anya Hindmarch Gracie bag, past season
Pull & Bear foulard/snood, current here
H&M beanie hat, past season, similar here

A quick change here to take my lovely mum out to Sunday lunch!

Zara coat, sold out, similar here
Mango top, current here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Topshop Finest shoes, sold out, similar here

It's time to really start tackling the Christmas shopping this week. After getting a little bit done before I went on holiday now is not the time sit back on my laurels only to find myself in full scale panic mode when I realise I only have a couple of weeks left to do it all! I'm off to a lovely Jo Malone event on Wednesday evening......no doubt my own Christmas wish list will grow this week too!

I shall be back later in the week with a bit of Christmas sparkle!