29 August 2015

What I'm eyeballing this week!

I'm still trying to hold tight and wait a few more weeks before making any A/W purchases but a couple of pieces have caught my eye.......first up is this gorgeous Topshop military jacket/shacket!

I bought something similar from Toppers a few years back and it's still going strong (last seen recently here thanks to the dire weather) but I think this one is a bit more up-to-date and it's more fitted than my current jacket, see below. You can still find similar on eBay here, here and here (not mine I hasten to add, not sure I can part with it!)

I didn't dabble with dungarees but I think I could be quite partial to a pinafore (I bought a Topshop one a while back see here)! I am completely stealing the The Frugality's style after spotting this Dorothy Perkins one on Alex's blog the other day. I can't get it out of my mind! It's sold out online already but the next shopping opportunity I get (DD is back to school on Wednesday) I am going to scour the stores in hope I can track this down.

Dorothy Perkins pinafore, now sold out but similar here

I do love my trainers and after acquiring my new Converse I started to look around to see what other styles would work with my A/W uniform and these Adidas Gazelle's look like they will fit the bill, especially with the monochrome pieces I've purchased so far!

Hands up this next item is already safely stashed in the wardrobe and really doesn't need to any justification as it's a trusty Breton and a girl can never have too many of those! Believe or not I didn't have a decent one in this colourway.

This little ensemble I think would make for a perfect transitional outfit! I'll keep you *posted* as to whether or not these pieces make their way into my wardrobe as apart from the Breton they are just on my wish list for now!

What's been going on wardrobe wise this week?! I am finding this gawd awful weather truly hard to dress for....torn between still trying to get some wear out of the summer stuff or diving head-long into A/W buys? 

Topshop Figs, black sold out
The Jacksons London *Smile* bag herehere or here

H&M t-shirt, recent not online
Gap original jeans, ancient
The Jacksons London *Smile* bag herehere or here

Mango dress, sold out but similar style here
Jack Wills tote, past season

Zara jacket, past season but similar here
Uniqlo Breton, current
Zara jeans, past season
Converse, ancient similar here
H&M bag, current

Topshop trench, past season, similar here
Topshop Figs, black sold out
The Jacksons London *Smile* bag herehere or here

Primark shirt, current
Topshop trousers, ancient
Converse, ancient similar here
Mulberry Araline bag, ancient

Warehouse culottes, sold out similar here
Topshop Figs, black sold out
The Jacksons London *Smile* bag herehere or here

Last word....I don't normally talk beauty but I recently picked up this lovely Revlon matte lip balm and I love it so I thought I would share. I bought the shade called Elusive which is perfect is a soft pinky shade, perfect for now when I start to put away my coral colours for next Summer. It goes on really well, has a subtle mint flavour and the staying power has been excellent for a balm. They are on 2 for 1 on Revlon products at Boots at the moment too! For my money these are a lot better than Clinique chubby sticks! Anyhow, if you would like to see what other products I use I've added a Pinterest board here


20 August 2015

Wish list things!

This is more of a transitional wish-list than A/W. The way I am going to try and buy this season is to firstly get a few basics up together in my wardrobe. Then once I've conquered the classics I will go in search of a few trend pieces to update what I already have. One or 2 of these items are replacements, things that I have bought before that I feel are worth investing a bit more in, like this first tux jacket from Zara. I bought a one from H&M last year, had I realised how much I would wear it I would have bought a better quality one!

I love the tucked sleeve on this jacket....perfect for me as I always rolled up the sleeves on the H&M one. It doesn't have the satin lapel either which makes it a little bit more wearable for me. It's an added bonus that Zara have styled it with a white tee (as you see below, also on my wishlist) and some cropped jeans which I managed to pick up in the ASOS sale (see here).....I can do this look! 

So, second up is the Zara slouchy v-neck white t-shirt that I just spoke of. Last Autumn I had a Whistles round neck white t-shirt that ended up being such a wardrobe workhorse during the tricky transeasonal weather so I think this will be another great little basic addition.

I've had a real love affair with the a-line skirt this Summer and I know Zara did this shape of skirt last year....luckily they are doing this pleather skirt again! I intend to add it to my growing collection of skirts. This will be great with boots and tights in the Winter but I'm hoping to wear it with boots and bare legs in the coming weeks and I may even try it with some Converse.....more about those in a bit!

It isn't all about Zara but I have to say their new season stock is unbelievably tempting!

I've had a very ruthless cull on the jeans front, 4 pairs have been disposed of in the last week and I think there will be more to follow. I have a few pairs of the Topshop Jamie's which are hands down my favourites, high waisted and stretchy which make them so comfortable, so I am forsaking most of my other skinnies for this style! I think there will be more purchases of these throughout the season but for now I intend to pick up these in the washed black.

Last but not least is the transitional footwear. Last year my black Converse hi-tops were practically glued to my feet....there wasn't a boot in sight until almost the end of the season when I purchased the Chloe-esqe style Aldo boots. So for this Autumn I am going to replace my totally knackered white Converse low, so expect to see these new ones with everything!

I know what you must be thinking.....nothing ground-breaking going on here! All seen before! Hands up this is a terribly boring monochrome kind of transitional uniform but there is method to my madness! I don't want to peak too soon with the Autumn/Winter purchases so I am going to hang tight until I can see which trends will work with the current *capsule* wardrobe (I use the term capsule lightly, there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve this!). These pieces should see me through the coming weeks, hopefully until those lovely discount codes start coming through.....you see, I have a plan as by then I will be furiously eBaying my A/W stuff to accumulate some much needed funds! ;0)

Right, onto this weeks outfits.....

Zara jacket, ancient
H&M top, ancient
Zara jeans S/S 2015
H by Hudson Mirar boots via Office, past season style
Balenciaga bag, ancient

Topshop jacket, past season
Zara t-shirt, past season
Topshop Jamie jeans, similar here
Aldo boots, A/W 2014

Mango dress, Spring/Summer 2015
H by Hudson Mirar boots via Office, past season style

DKNY biker jacket, via T K Maxx ancient
Topshop blouse, S/S 2015 now sold out
Topshop Jamie jeans, similar here
H by Hudson Mirar boots via Office, past season style
Balenciaga bag, ancient

T K Maxx top, ancient
Topshop Jamie jeans, similar here
Topshop Finest shoes, current here
Balenciaga bag, ancient

Whistles top, ancient
Topshop Jamie jeans, similar here
Topshop bag, past season eBay purchase

Warehouse top, Spring/Summer 2015
Vero Moda shorts, ancient
The Jacksons London *Smile* bag, here or here
Accessorize panama, ancient

Is your Autumn/Winter wish list or purchasing already well underway or are you totally underwhelmed by what's in the shops at the moment? Would love to hear your thoughts!


13 August 2015

Pretty little things!

Topshop have done good....again! My last post was all about these gorgeous Finest lace-up shoes, I've since uncovered a couple more gems from Toppers! Whilst I was instore searching for this gorgeous number.....

 I spotted this gorgeous little top.....in the sale!!

The Daisy dress was nowhere to be seen (was promptly ordered online though!) and even though the top was covered in make-up, it had to be purchased!! So I snaffled it for £18, dashed home to stick it on a hot wash and hey presto! Here....


And here!!

There was me thinking I was over the sales purchases!! This one was just too good to miss and the fact I wore it twice in one week....well, it's already paying for it's keep!

So how did I fare with the Daisy dress? 

I love it! Can't wait to wear it!!

Topshop Daisy dress, current here
Kurt Geiger Kad sandals

Here's what I've been wearing lately!

DKNY biker jacket, ancient T K Maxx purchase

Alexander Wang t-shirt, past season
The Jacksons London *Smile* bag, here or here

Pull & Bear dress, Spring/Summer 2014

A quick word on the capsule wardrobe/wardrobe cull. As a few new purchases go into the wardrobe, there are many more going out! This is still a huge ongoing process for me. I've reduced my Spring/Summer wardrobe by at least 50% (yikes!) and I'm already planning what I will be moving out to make way for whatever tickles my fancy for A/W 2015. I've just left my job and so have rid myself of the majority of my workwear....I have been utterly ruthless ladies!! I have lots of lovely empty flock hangers and there is much eBaying to be done! No plans to go back to work for a while so I need to reign in my spending and be shrewd about what I buy! It's not going to be easy!! I'm up for the challenge though.....are you still with me?!

*** I have had a few enquiries as to my eBay username....it's Buttercup0308. There are just a few summer bits on there at the moment but in the next few weeks I will start to list some A/W clothing. Thanks for the interest! :0) ***


9 August 2015

Second chance shoes!

It's a fairly short and sweet blog offering from me today but I thought I would share these new shoes with you! You may recall I bought something similar from New Look way back here, I was a little bit late to the party then but it looks as though this style of shoe is here to stay! I didn't get along too well with the New Look version, I felt they were a tad blingy for everyday wear with the gold heel and they weren't particularly comfy so I eBayed them when I first starting culling my wardrobe back in May. I've seen a few bloggers donning these on Instagram so I decided to give these Topshop ones a go! I love the fact the are completely flat! They aren't leather as I didn't want to spend big bucks after not being 100% sold on the initial New Look pair. I have the suede-look version, they also come in red and leopard print Very pleased with them for £28.

They are perfect for wearing on the not-so-sunny days instead of sandals, like today when I wore them with my Warehouse culottes (I am totally feeling the culotte love, 2nd time I have worn them this week!)

Primark Ramones t-shirt, past season
Warehouse culottes, S/S 2015 sold out
Topshop Finest shoes, current here

I've been a bit tardy on the blog front of late, I blame the school holidays!! Normal routines go out of the window for a few weeks, no house work gets done and it's hard to find the time to keep up with everything, not that I'm complaining as I do love spending quality time with the family! Anyway, I will just share a few of my recent outfits, I do post my outfits most days on Instagram if you don't already follow me, you can do so here!

Mango blouse, past season
Topshop belt, ancient
The Jacksons London *Smile* bag, here or here

DKNY biker jacket, ancient T K Maxx bargain
Mango dress S/S 2015, sold out
The Jacksons London *Smile* bag, here or here

Zara Breton A/W 2014
Jack Wills skirt, S/S 2015 sold out
The Jacksons London *Smile* bag, here or here

Whistles dress, ancient
The Jacksons London *Smile* bag, here or here

Zara camo jacket, ancient
H&M dress, S/S 2014
The Jacksons London *Smile* bag, here or here

Customised Primark sweatshirt, A/W 2014
Zara skirt, current season here
The Jacksons London *Smile* bag, here or here

Zara blouse, S/S 2015 sold out
Gap original fit jeans, ancient

How is everyone else faring in the school holidays?