16 May 2015

Tags-on preloved pop-up designer event!

Just a very quick post from me today as I went to an event on Wednesday night that I just wanted to share with you! The Tags-on team contacted me via email to see if I would like to attend their preloved event at The Francis Hotel in Bath. As I love a designer bargain I jumped at the chance!

Hands up....it totally sucks that I am taking an intentional break from buying right now but the great news is that Tags-on also have a fantastic website......which I will be all over once I lift my shopping ban! As usual I was rubbish at taking pics, there are a few which I will share a bit further down but I've had an extensive peruse of the website and found some great classic pieces. These items are the kind of considered investment purchases I will be looking to make, keeping in mind my new mantra buy less, buy better! Here are a few classics....obviously starting with stripes as you may remember how I wrote about my intention to spend a few more pennies on those items I wear day in, day out!

This J Crew top is such a classic evening piece, one you could wear forever, with so many things!

I saw this J Crew top in the flesh last night and thought how lovely this would be to take on holiday with me next week....but I was good and my resolve did not weaken!

Another classic item, that could be dressed up or down and go on forever!

There were some truly amazing Isabel Marant pieces....here is where I did have a try on! Both of these pieces are available online.

Sadly these items too small for me but gorgeous! At least now though I have an idea of my sizes in these brands. It was the same with this lovely Maje dress, again tried on with my holiday in mind! This was £60

If I had caved over any of the items it would have been this beautiful Lucy in Disguise dress (Lily Allen clothing label). It was stunning and I wracked my brains for an occasion I might wear it to but alas there is nothing as yet on the calendar......I still get it (if it's still available) when the ban is over! It is £65

Back to some pieces on the website as they have some great bags and shoes....these are my 2 favourite picks!

Literally hyperventilating after coming across these amazing Chanel boots.....in my size too!

There is much, much more to choose from on the website.

Here's a bit of background.......Tags-On the designer re-sale site with a difference. It is the brainchild of celebrity organiser and de-clutterer Vicky Silverthorn......just think you could end up wearing something that has been scooped from the wardrobe of a star! It's a family business and I met Katie, Vicky's cousin who organised Wednesday evenings pop-up shop! If you have designer items to sell you can get in touch info@tags-on.com I would absolutely recommend that you sign up for their newsletter as you wouldn't want to miss out if they come to do a sale  near you.....they go all over the country! They have an event coming up this week in Exeter, see the details here. They have some really amazing brands so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will be doing an Autumn/Winter showcase in Bath to pick up some key pieces for next season!

I would like to thank Katie for the invite and the amazing goody bag containing some super sunnies from Peridot! How lucky?!
I have started to follow Tags_on on Instagram so I am fully up to speed!

Finishing with my outfit from Wednesday.......

Whistles top, ancient

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Tags-on preloved event, is it the kind of sale that would interest you? Do you sell your clothing through any of the Preloved websites or sales? Have you picked up any designer bargains that have been previously owned?

Right, that's all from me! I won't be around for a couple of weeks as I go on holiday on Tuesday and the hubby has banned my from using any devices with the exception of my Kindle!! To be honest I am looking forward to a complete rest from the internet!

As always I love reading and responding to your comments.

Be back soon!

Michelle xx


11 May 2015

The basis of many a good outfit!

Whilst writing my last post I realised that this ensemble has been a great foundation for many of my favourite outfits over the past couple of weeks. Have you heard of the shopping rule that you shouldn't buy an item unless you have 5 other things that will go with it?! Well it totally makes sense when you find basic pieces that you can dress up or down, do the school run in your trainers but then whip out your heels to for a lunch date later in the day!

The proof in the pudding.....slip the skate shoes on for the school run

H&M Breton, current instore from Logg section

Here's how I would dress it up with heels for a lunch date.

H&M Breton, current instore from Logg section

A few more flat shoe looks for the school run.........

Gap jacket, as above
H&M Breton, current instore from Logg section

Zara jacket, past season
H&M Breton, current instore from Logg section,
Topshop Helios sandal, current

Topshop jacket, ancient
H&M Breton, current instore from Logg section,

Dress it up again........I wore it like this for a day at the races.

French Connection jacket, past season
H&M Breton, current instore from Logg section
Mulberry Bayswater bag, ancient

Yep, a lot of outfits based around these 2 wardrobe staples, which has got me thinking. I haven't made a  purchase in 2 weeks, which isn't long I know but it has made me think about what I will be buying once I lift this self imposed shopping ban. The conclusion I have drawn from this little trying on exercise is that I think I would be wise to spend my money on investing more money on basic foundation items. So, top of my wish list will be a very good quality Breton, similar to the above H&M one. This Petit Bateau one has caught my eye as I would like a lighter colourway and the shape, boat neck and short sleeve really appeals to me. Too bad it is out of stock in my size at the moment! Lucky really, otherwise the spending ban would probably already be broken!

Here's a round-up of what else I've been wearing this week.

MuuBaa leather jacket, via ASOS, past season
Zara T-shirt, past season
Kurt Geiger Laurel skate shoes, past season

Gap jacket, current in the sale
H&M Breton, past season
Zara chino, current
Vans skate shoes

Mango top, past season (thanks to the lovely reader who gave me the idea to dye this!)
Topshop Jamie jeans, past season (also dyed, thanks to an accident with some bleach)
Kurt Geiger Kad sandals, past season

Warehouse denim jacket, past season
Primark Ramone's T-shirt, current 
Sainsbury's Tu pleather skirt, past season
Kurt Geiger Kad sandals

So my challenge is going well so far, no purchases and an almighty cull of clothing. This has really been spurred on by the fact that I have actually totted up how many items of clothing I have bought since the beginning of the year and how much I've spent. Every year I jot every purchase down.....so here goes! I have bought 43 items since January 1st, that includes clothing, shoes, accessories and jewellery. Add to that the 8 pieces that I picked from Topshop after my competition win so I have added a total of 51 items to my already bursting wardrobe. I've spent a total £1106, I am quite shocked by this but by seeing it all in black and white has definitely helped me to step away from the online shopping and stay out of the shops! It has also helped me to be totally ruthless whilst doing my wardrobe edit too! Lots of stuff has found it's way to the charity shop already, some has been set aside for a regular preloved event that goes on in my area and I've stuck a few bits on eBay. I feel better already. I've still got a lot of everything but I'm finding it much easier already to shop my own wardrobe and when I see a look that inspires me I'm checking to see if I can put it together with items I already own rather than assuming I need something new! I'm never likely to get down to a capsule wardrobe of 37 pieces but I think it's a good exercise in making sure you get the wear out of what you've got. 

Out of interest, do you do a proper wardrobe edit every season?

As always I love reading and responding to your comments.

Until next time.

Michelle xx


4 May 2015

Last splurge......

before I go cold turkey for a few weeks!

So after my last post where I expressed the urge to uncomplicate my wardrobe here I am confessing to 2 more purchases made before the shopping stopped last Sunday. As you may recall I recently started following this lovely blog Unfancy and although there is not a lot of chance of me getting my wardrobe down to just 37 pieces (it hasn't started well as this shoe purchase was totally inspired by Caroline's blog!) but I am hopefully on my way to living more with less, to coin a phrase.

Back to what I've been buying! These shoe boots were an eBay purchase after I saw them in a Kurt Geiger store last Saturday. I just couldn't justify paying 100 quid for them, but low and behold (gotta to love those shopping fairies) there just happened to be a worn once pair in my size, auction finishing on Sunday and bingo! I was able to score them at a much more palatable price!

Already worn 3 times this week, they have been busy earning their keep!

Zara jacket, ancient
Zara jeans, past season

Gap jeans, ancient

French Connection jacket, past season
H&M Breton, current instore from Logg section, 
Mulberry Bayswater bag, ancient

The second purchase was a bargain I just could not walk away from! I bought this fab short navy Gap trench with a whopping great discount, practically £50 off, down from £64.99 to just £15.99. The best thing about this jacket is that is has made me let go of something in my wardrobe that I was never quite sure about or 100% happy in. Anyway here's a close up of the jacket, unfortunately I can't find it online which is probably a good thing as knowing Gap it would be a completely different price!

Gap jacket, as above
H&M Breton, current instore from Logg section, 

Topshop jacket, ancient
Jaeger sweater, past season
Gap original fit jeans
Kurt Geiger Laurel skate shoes, past season

So that's it from me this week. I am attempting not to make any purchases for a couple of weeks until I've had a proper sort through my wardrobe. I've managed one week without any shopping so fingers crossed it won't be too hard. I keep telling myself little steps, just hoping I'm not setting myself up for a big fat fail as I'm off on holiday on the 19th and not sure I will be able to resist treating myself as there is a Zara and Mango within striking distance of where we are going! But if I could be good until then, well it would be a start!

Anyone else setting themselves any little challenges or having a good old wardrobe clearout?

As always I love reading and responding to your comments.

Back soon!

Michelle xx