30 March 2015

White *transit* Vans.

As in my latest transitional shoe...get it? Sorry, but I just couldn't resist the play on words in the title there!

A few weeks back whilst Kurt Geiger had their 25% off, I was trawling their website for an alternative to my trusty Laurel's when I came across this pair of white Vans. Now, I loved the look of these straightaway as they are so similar in shape to my original purchase of the KG skate shoes. Anyway they didn't have them in my size and then I got sidetracked and forgot about them again until the beginning of this week when it suddenly occurred to me that I keep slipping into the Laurel's as they are so easy! Perfect for shoving on for the school run! So off I went surfing again and managed to find them on eBay via the Office outlet for just £26.99 inc P&P, so I ordered them on Tuesday and they arrived on Thursday! They are just what I was looking for, brilliant for this tricky transitional weather! However when I went to research them again for blog purposes, I started off on the Office website because usually things are the same price as the outlet but they were £46.99, so I checked them on eBay and they are now also £46.99. I would have to draw the conclusion that I just got incredibly lucky on Tuesday! However, not wishing to disappoint anyone, if you are in the market for some new skaters and like the look of the Vans, Surfdome have 20% off with the code ILOVESPRING* and their RRP is £44.99.  

Here's a snap of the first time I wore them. 

Gap original fit jeans, old

A shot with my Topshop duster coat over the top of the above outfit.

And outfits from the rest of the week.

Muubaa biker jacket, A/W sale purchase
Pull & Bear sweatshirt, past season
Pull & Bear sweatshirt, past season

Topshop coat, past season
Jigsaw bag, via eBay
H&M scarf, past season

Whistles jacket, old
Uniqlo v-neck merino sweater, past season
H&M jeans, past season
Converse hi-tops, buy here with 20% off with code ILOVESPRING

Mango sweater, old

H&M faux leather trousers, current sale bargain, can't find online though

Zara sweatshirt, old
H&M boyfriend jeans,old

Are you a fan of the good old skate shoe .....or have you found some other transitional footwear gem's that will tide you over until it's safe to get the sandals out?

As always I love reading and responding to your comments!

Next time I will be sharing a few bits that I have been buying and stashing for my holidays!

Michelle x


21 March 2015

Move over Emmanuelle....

make way for my new style crush, the equally stylish French Voguette that is Geraldine Saglio.

Whilst I was doing a website reccie before my recent Topshop personal shopping appointment, this picture of Geraldine was firmly in my mind so when I saw this Topshop jacket online it was the one item that I really wanted to secure as part of my haul.

Now as much as I love Geraldine's look I have adapted it to my style which is more conducive to a supermarket sweep or the school run.....I would look a bit of a berk trotting around in the heels for everyday kind of activities! I have dressed the jacket right down with some H&M patchwork jeans and obligatory Stan Smith's! 

The Topshop navy blouse  is such a winner, perfect under the jacket above, as well going with lots of other things, it's already been worn twice within the last week!

See, it also went perfectly under this (ancient) Zara jacket, with the recently purchased Zara jeans.

Right, I have digressed...back to Geraldine for a bit more inspo! 

We all seem to be sharing the love of the military jacket this season and I love how Geraldine has styled her with her flares....very this season, though she's no doubt been looking this cool for years! 
Here's me trying to replicate in my recent Zara jacket purchase.

There are plenty more of Geraldine's looks I would like to try out, I have been scouring Pinterest to check out her ensembles! If you fancy a peek at what I've been pinning see here.

Round-up of the rest of the weeks outfits....what a mixed bag of weather we've been having?!

Muubaa leather biker jacket vis ASOS
J Crew sweater
H&M bag

Primark bomber jacket

Jaeger outlet sweater
Gap original fit jeans
Jigsaw bag via eBay

So that's my inspiration share of the week! Has anyone been inspiring you? 

As always I love reading and responding to your comments.

Be back soon.

Michelle xx


13 March 2015

What's in those Topshop bags?!

I doubt that many of you will have missed the fact that I won the Wardobeicons/Topshop competition on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. I have been stupidly excited ever since about my personal shopping experience.....and wait for it WOO HOO, the best bit was I would get the chance to pick clothes to the value of £300! So off I trekked to London Town this Wednesday to have a peruse and choose.....that would be my Spring/Summer wardrobe sorted then!

What a treat......I was given a glass of champagne and choice of cupcakes on arrival, I could definitely get used to this kind of shopping experience!

Anyone who has ever visited Topshop at Oxford Circus will know that it is pretty daunting when you walk in! There are 3 floors and so much to tempt you it's hard to know where to begin! Lucky for me the stress of negotiating my way around the sales floor had already been dealt with for me. 

The Topshop personal shoppers got in touch with me beforehand with a proforma for me to fill in of what I was expecting from my shopping expedition. They asked the obvious things like my colouring and sizes, they also asked who my Style Icons were (Michelle Williams, actress for everyday style and Geraldine Saglio, Emmanuelle's sidekick, my latest style crush.....more on that another time) and what I was looking for out of my appointment, my answer went like this......I very much have a school run mum kind of uniform that consists of Converse and skinny jeans at the moment. I don't go out all that much in the evening so I like practical clothing that can be dressed up. I would however like to be nudged out of my comfort zone and I'm really excited to see how someone else would dress me.

So when I entered my dressing room this is what was there to greet me!

They really had taken the stress out of trawling about the store, just as well as it was manically busy even on a Wednesday! All the items were laid out in outfits with jewellery and accessories to match which the lovely stylists Hayley and Amy talked me through. All I had to do was set about trying it all on. The girls also asked me if there was anything else I had seen that I wanted to try on.....obviously there was ;0) and off they went to hunt the said items down!

I started to try on methodically outfit by outfit.......but you know me and colour, this was too dressy and way out of my comfort zone, so the first outfit was a no. 

These trews were also a bit on the loud-side for me, they also felt a bit too short....so off I scuttled, back to my comfort zone! By now the champers had gone to my head and so from here on in I am very low on photos and a roll call of website pics is the best I can do! 

I love, love, love this jacket! It was top of my wishlist of things to bag but it hadn't found it's way onto the prepared rack. Of 8 items I ended up with only 2 things I'd been hankering after, the rest of the items were from the stylists rail, though I might have gone for things in different colours than those picked for me. There is some stylish inspo behind the choice of this jacket which I will share at a later date!

An assortment of very classic tops!

Something a little bit more dressy! I absolutely love this top....can't wait to wear it!

Moving swiftly onto to bottoms next......I can't speak of the Jamie jeans highly enough....the proof is in the pudding as I have ended up with another 2 pairs in dark blue rinse and white, as well as the mid stone ones I had already received as part of my prize!

If you are after a great fitting white skinny jean, not see-through, I recommend you try these!

And of course there had to be something khaki....these will be suitable for night or day!

There is a token dress. I went with a classic denim shirt-waister style, I am thinking 70's with a platform wooden wedge. I have some fabulous brown ones from Toppers that I bought a couple of seasons ago that are calling to be worn again!

I actually managed to get a picture of this one on!

Last but not least....a solitary pair of sandals on the shoe front but they will go with all of these things! I am also hoping to bag these in gold but they are currently sold out :0(

Now, though I had the opportunity I did not veer wildly off course. I stuck to a very neutral colour palette that will work well with my existing wardrobe. Since I got them home and had a good try on and I have found that I am completely happy with my choices!

For my trip to the city, I opted for my new Zara military jacket and jeans, with H&M fringed bag and obligatory Stans.

So what I want to know is....would you have gone wild in the aisles or gone armed with a plan?! I didn't do either but I think I have come up trumps! I could have so easily got distracted and ended up with stuff that wasn't so wearable. So on that basis I can't rate the Topshop personal shopping experience highly enough, the service was brilliant so if you ever get the chance......go, go, go!!

I will be back next time with a few outfits, no doubt made up of some of these items and a bit of the inspo behind my own choices!

As always I love reading and responding to your comments.

Back soon! 

Michelle xx


8 March 2015

Inside my style mind!

Ok, so this Zara jacket is my latest acquisition. Inspired by 3 or 4 people. How did I reach the conclusion I needed this jacket in my life?! Well, here goes.....

First off, I saw this post by Donna and became very enamoured by her military jacket (love the way Donna has styled it herself!).....the cogs were already whirring as you will see by the comment I left saying how I thought it would be perfect with a pair of boyfriends and my Adidas Stan Smiths (I was already thinking that a jacket would be my next purchase too!).

Low and behold the very next day I see this fabulous post from Becky here showcasing just the item I need in my life....the aforementioned military jacket! Now Becky has stolen the style of the one that we all worship at the *Alt* of.....as you can see here!

Cue a little try on! Starting off with the boyfriends and Stans!

Zara jacket (current here)
Forever 21 tee (current here)
Gap original jeans (similar here)
Adidas Stan Smith's (via eBay, buy here)

Trying to channel the *Alt* a bit more here!

Zara jacket (current here)
Topshop tee (Spring 2014)
Uniqlo urban sweat pants (A/W 2014, similar here from ASOS)
Zara shoes (via eBay)

My next purchase goes perfectly with both of my recent purchases. There was a certain annual bloggers meet up in London Town last weekend....it's a big stress to dress for anyway when you know you are going to be in a room with so many stylish ladies. I knew I would be going out after and going to the Wembley cup final the following day. I didn't want to lug a suitcase around so I needed to cram my overnight stuff and a couple outfit up-daters in a small Longchamp tote! I felt the need to take a dressy shoe for the evening.....just in case! I wore my Converse there as they were ideal for pounding the pavements on Saturday & Sunday. I managed to snag these little Zara beauties on eBay and was relieved that they arrived just in time to stow in my tote!

These little kitten heeled courts would have been perfect to spruce up my daytime outfit of H&M faux leather leggings and Tux jacket. Did I actually wear the shoes....did I heck! It lashed down and so the Converse stayed on. Here's the outfit I wore. 

H&M tux jacket (current, here, this comes up small, I bought a 14!)
Alexander Wang Tee (similar here)
H&M faux leather leggings (current, here)
Balenciaga bag (ancient, though similar here)
Accessorize necklace (current here)

I managed to score another complete and utter bargain thanks to those lovely ladies on Avenue 57! Yes I know I keep banging on about them but there really is some fabulous stuff being shared there so if you haven't already signed up I suggest you head on over there now! I managed to grab this gorgeous leather look skirt in my local Sainsburys for a mere £6.60! Paired with the new Zara shoes and a little J Crew sweater, well...happy outfit days!

J Crew sweater (similar here)
Sainbury's leather look skirt (sadly found instore, not online)
Zara shoes (via eBay)

I think the new jacket goes perfectly over this too!

On so onto this weeks outfits....

Starting things of classy with a pub loo selfie #fromwhereistand shot!

Mango coatigan (A/W 2014, sold out)
Zara Jeans (current here)
Converse Hi-Tops (here)
Marks and Spencer man bag (current here)

Trying to get a Spring in my step with shades of grey!

Topshop coat (A/W 2014, similar here)
Gap sweatshirt (sale A/W 2014)
Zara Jeans (current here)
Adidas Stan Smith's (via eBay, buy here)
Marks and Spencer man bag (current here)

Topshop coat
Uniqlo shirt
Gap sweater
ASOS Ridley jeans
Converse Hi-Tops (here)
Marks and Spencer man bag (current here)

Channeling the *Alt* again in navy and flares!

ASOS coat 
M&S sweater
Zara flares
Oasis boots
Jigsaw bag (via eBay)

At last...the ankles are out for Spring! 

MuuBaa leather jacket (via ASOS, similiar here
Zara stripe top (sale 2014, similar here)
Gap original fit jeans (old, similar here)
Adidas Stan Smith's (via eBay, buy here)
Jigsaw bag (via eBay)

Would love to hear how you've been inspired lately! Please do share!

As always I love reading and responding to your comments.

Back soon!

Michelle xx