29 April 2014

Those red boots!!

Thanks to ASOS speedy service the Pull & Bear red boots I ordered last week arrived on Friday!

In the flesh!

A pretty good replica of the ones Sienna is sporting here!!

My version of Sienna's outfit....I've put my own spin on this by wearing it with a French Connection Breton, camouflage scarf and metallic Furla bag!! 

The boots are keepers!! Not something I would ever have imagined buying but I really love them!! They arrived just in time for the weather turning.....looks like we are set for the April showers until the end of the month and beyond! These are perfect Spring/Summer boot for those rainy days!! If you are thinking of ordering I would recommend sizing up as they are very narrow! I am a size 6 but they were out of stock so I tried a 7.....I wouldn't have got my feet in the 6 and as they are not leather they won't give!! 

Here I am wearing them for second day in a row with Topshop parka, Zara stripe Top, H&M skinny ripped jeans, leopard print scarf (via eBay) and Balenciaga bag.

On the third day I've gone with Topshop parka (old), Zara sweatshirt top (old), H&M jeggings (last Autumn), Scarf is from a stall in Bath (old) and Furla bag (c/o Fashion Bloodhound)

I've been experimenting with a couple of other looks and tried the boots here with a 7 for All Mankind biker jacket (courtesy of T K Maxx last year) H&M kidswear breton (Autumn 2013), Zara jeggings (last year) and scarf from a street stall in Bath (old).

Here I've teamed it with Zara coat (last year) ASOS charcoal cami (current), Topshop Jamie jeans (Autumn 2013) and scarf from a stall in Bath again.

Lastly......I did participate in another Sienna style purchase from H&M! I went for this style of cardigan as opposed to the bolero I featured in my last post. I went for in the black version of the below....sadly I couldn't find it online to use the 30% off discount offer so I had to pay full price £29.99 :0( Not that I mind though as it is fab!!

I am off to the Fashion Bloodhound pre-loved designer sale event in Bath tomorrow night so this outfit will get it's first airing! I shall report back if there any purchases made!!

So....do you think I have been successful at recreating Sienna's style? I have to admit that I thought that the husband and my mum would laugh me out of the room when they saw bright red boots but they have both said they love them which is a good sign!! All in all a couple of good purchases I feel!! 

Whose style have you been stealing lately?!

I love receiving and responding to your comments.....I look forward to hearing from you!!

I will be back soon with an update of the pre-loved designer sale! Hope I get lucky!!

Michelle xx


23 April 2014

Stealing Sienna's style.

Yesterday the latest H&M brochure plopped on my doormat and so I sat down with tea and chocolate for a peruse! Whilst I couldn't find anything to tempt me in the brochure I was enticed into browsing on their website as they are offering 30% off one item until Sunday 27th April  The first item I started looking for was in the knitwear department after seeing this ensemble on Sienna Miller. As you can probably tell my love for Pinterest is still going strong!

I came across this little bolero which I think would be pretty useful and would go a long way to recreating this look of Sienna's that I love!!

I know they have something similar in store in cream which would be great for a chillier evening over a boho- style dress and boots just like Sienna is wearing here! Sadly I can't find it online and the discount is online only.....darn it!

Moving away from H&M (we'll come bag to them in a minute!) but sticking with another fab look from Sienna!! 

As I was trawling the net I came across these red boots from Pull & Bear on ASOS which reminded me of this fab shot of Sienna!! Now red boots are completely out of my comfort zone and it's totally the wrong time of year to be buying boots but I may well have ordered.....just for  research purposes you understand!! I already have a parka style jacket so I should also be able to replicate this look!

Back to H&M and that discount code! They also have a fab pair of boots very in-keeping with the Sienna styling!

Sticking with Sienna's boho vibe is this gorgeous suede fringed bag.

For those festival lovers amongst you this pink duffle bag would look ace at Glasto don't you think?!

So there is the quick round-up of all things Sienna that I would love to secure with the 30% off code......which item will I plump for, cardigan, boots or a bag?? Decisions, decisions!! Have you received the brochure and bookmarked some items you would like to snag?? The code is 1605 just in case you have a little something in mind! Happy shopping :0)

Ending with the usual round-up of what I have been wearing this past week starting with a day at the coast and a chance to get the legs out for the first time this year!!

Gap denim jacket (old via eBay)
Uniqlo Breton dress (current season, sold out)
KG Madison espadrilles (current, Zalando)
Mulberry Dorset tote (still available)
Primark hat (current)

Zara jacket (last year)
Zara grey t (current)
H&M boyfriend jeans (last year)
Converse (ancient)
Furla bag (old via eBay)

Zara sweatshirt (old)
H&M white skinnies (old)
KG Laurel skate shoe (current)

Zara top (winter 2013 sale)
Gap original fit jeans (last year)
KG Madison espadrilles (current)

Zara sweatshirt blazer (old)
Uniqlo spotty silk shirt (current)
H&M ripped skinnies (current, in sale)
H&M snakeskin pumps (last year)
Balenciaga bag (ancient)

H&M top (old)
Uniqlo skinny cargos (current)
Birkenstock Arizona (current via Amazon)
Topshop snood/scarf (current, in sale)

Pull & Bear sweatshirt (current)
Uniqlo skinny cargo jeans (current) 
Topshop vamp skate shoes (current)
Topshop snood/scarf (current, in sale)

Another week in clothes has flown by! I really have to knuckle down and start my search for a new job now as I am on the final countdown in my current employment. I have just 5 more weeks to go! So that means less time for shopping.....well that is the plan! Hopefully I won't be too distracted ;0)

Don't forget that I love reading your comments and responding to them!!

Until next time!

Michelle xx

15 April 2014

Diary of an April shopaholic!

Not sure quite what has come over me this month but I have been very bad on the shopping front. I've been seduced by some of the mid-season sales....actually I've just been seduced by lots of stuff FULL STOP! Many wish list items have been ticked off.  Here is  this months moto........

.....or shoes but more on that later ;0)

I thought April would be a light month shopping wise because of the Easter holidays......not many kids are happy to shop but my daughter seems to be following in my footsteps as it is fast becoming her favourite pastime too! I was the best mummy ever for taking her to Westfield in London for the day.....I was flagging after 3 hours but she wanted to keep going!! Anyway I digress. I'd better start at the beginning of the month. My first purchase was this cupro sport luxe look t-shirt from Zara. It would seem it is a special range called W & B Collection?! It has been a great purchase as I have worn it a couple of times already. It has a washed out look about it and a quirky little twist on the hem. It was quite pricey at £25.99 for a t-shirt but I knew I would get my monies worth out of it! 

Not entirely sure this picture is worth showing you but you get the gist about the twist!

Right, next up is an item I have been hankering after a while. I have seen a few excellent blog posts on the jumpsuit but I have to say that after seeing the lovely Anne of I Heart Styling rockin' one for her birthday celebrations I set about finding one. I'm not sure how much wear I would get out of this so I didn't want to pay the earth. I saw this one in the Mango store, tried it on then ordered from ASOS as in Mango it was full price at £34.99 whereas on ASOS it was reduced to £20.50 and I managed to bag it with a further 15% off! You know how much I love a bargain!

So this purchase gave me an excuse to indulge my latest obsession which appears to be shoes!! I bought a gorgeous pair of strappy black sandals from Zara last year but I only wore them once as I could hardly walk in the blasted things so I was looking to replace them with. Thanks to the fabulous Annemarie Fashion Mum of 40 I came to purchase these wonderful gladiator style sandals from M&S.....complete with the comfort cushion insolia! Happy feet!

All I need now is an excuse to wear this outfit!!

Sticking with the shoe obsession, my next purchase was indeed more footwear! I have been a nightmare with shoes since the start of the year! I have bought 11 pairs.....just call me Imelda!! Lol! I have actually sold 5 pairs on eBay so have *only* added to my collection by 6 pairs really.....don't you just love that justifciation! I'm about to have another huge wardrobe purge to try and justify a few more of these purchases. Anyway back to the latest pair of shoes. I have had so much wear out of my beloved Kurt Geiger Laurel skate shoes that when I saw these espadrilles online I was on a mission to make them mine! I did try and track them down in both my local Bristol & Bath stores but to no avail! The sales assistant in Bath kindly pointed out that they would be hard to get hold of (she spotted my Laurel's and commented they had sold out long ago!) as they were in the ad campaign.....red rag to a bull! Happy to report though that I found them on Zalando and they were £10 cheaper than on the KG website and as I was signing up to their newsletter I also got a further £10 off thus making them £65 instead of £85! This made me especially happy as I had just missed the wretched KG 25% off event which lasted until 31st March.....I just wasn't quick enough off the mark to snap these beauties up then!

Love them!

My next purchase was a hidden gem found on the sale rail in H&M for just £10! I was actually in the store looking for a black boyfriend style jean but when I came across these I knew they would be just the job! I seem to have accrued a lot of tops, a few dresses and as I mentioned, a lot of shoes but one thing I have overlooked in my wardrobe was the need for some new trews. These filled that gap just nicely....so much so I wore them 3 days on the trot....I would in fact still be wearing if the weather hadn't notched up a few degrees! They are a ripped up low waist skinny, and again I love them! They look great with skate shoes, the espadrilles and the Birkies.......perfect!

This brings me onto the other pair of trousers I purchased! I was just about to order these online and in fact I had gone so far as to contact the wonderfully helpful Avril from School Gate Style so see what size she had as she was the inspiration behind these! As I mentioned above, as luck would have it my hubby invited me along on a work trip where I could spend the day at Westfield in London.....an offer I couldn't refuse! I've never been before so I jumped at the chance as I knew there was a Uniqlo amongst 100's of other stores making it my perfect playground :0) I was able to try these on in store and of course I snapped them up as they were just £14.90! These are skinny cargo's in grey. If you are thinking of ordering on-line as Avril advised, size down as they come up big. I am normally a 28" waist in jeans, these Uniqlo ones are a 27" waist size 8.

Here, with the Zara t!

I also acquired this fab utilitarian looking cap sleeve shirt whilst in Uniqlo which was just £19.90. I so wish we had a Uniqlo shop near us as there seemed to be a lot more choice in store.

Last but not least of my purchases is something altogether different. It's not black for a start! 

Shocker, I know! Especially after everything that has been purchased above but I walked in to the Mango store and clapped eyes on this....headed straight to the fitting room with it and then straight to the till! This dress is divine! It will be so lovely for my holiday, I knew I had just the right Grecian looking sandals to wear with it (years old from Zara) so it was a no-brainer.....I just cannot wait to wear it!

Please tell me I am not alone with the shopaholic tendencies this month?! Anyone else care to share what they have added to their wardrobe so far this month? 

Here is the usual taster of what I've been wearing these past few days!

DKNY biker jacket (old via T K Maxx)
Topshop grey t (current)
H&M low wait ripped skinnies (current sale purchase)
Kurt Geiger Laurel skate shoes (current)

Uniqlo fitting room shot!

Superdry leather jacket (old via T K Maxx)
Zara cupro t-shirt (current)
H&M jeans as before
Kurt Geiger Laurel skate shoes (current)
Balenciaga bag (ancient)

Zara coat (last year)
H&M black T (last year)
H&M as before
Birkenstock Arizona's (current from Amazon)

Uniqlo shirt (current)
Zara boyfriend jeans (last year)
Kurt Geiger Madison espadrilles (current)
Zatchel's saddle bag (current)

Zara cupro t-shirt (current)
Mango printed trousers (last year)
Birkenstock Arizona's (current via Amazon)

I am officially shopped out now....goodness only know what I will find to write about for my next post?! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my purchases and what you've been snapping up this month!

As always I love reading your comments and responding to them!

Until next time!

Michelle xx 


11 April 2014

Inside Pull & Bear!

The first time I came across Pull & Bear was when I was on holiday in Fuerteventura last May. It was right next door to Zara.....I should have guessed then that they belonged to the same group Inditex! I loved the store, I think like Bershka they are a bit younger and more casual than Zara. The prices points are a bit more reasonable too! I was very happy to see that they were opening a branch in Cabot Circus in Bristol and have visited the store several times since it's opened and may have made the odd purchase or 2!

I love the way that this store merchandises in a wardrobe effect, it's perfect for showcasing outfits and includes the accessories, it draws me in as a customer.

They have found a really amazing way to display their shoes too! My daughter loved this VW camper!

The first purchase I made at Pull & Bear was a couple of months back. I was looking for a slogan sweatshirt and as this was a trend I was just dipping my toe into I found this great one for a bargain £17.99! It's still available online here 

They also have a great selection of slogan T's which were also £17.99, the knitwear displayed underneath was £12.99

Another thing that really impressed me about this store was the fitting rooms. They were spacious, clean and the lighting was excellent. Always a major bonus in my book! My daughter was really impressed by the cool and funky seating area where she could lounge whilst I was trying on......fair to say that made us both happy! Here's a fitting room shot!

Now the jacket I'm sporting here was the reason for my trip into Bristol on Monday. I saw it last week and kept thinking about it. I love it and was all set to purchase it but having already bought a Gap mac a couple of months back I got my sensible head on and left it behind! Here's the website pic 

Fear not! It wasn't a wasted journey though as I didn't come away empty-handed......I did make a small but very useful purchase in this little dress. A fab bargain at just £15.99, it's the sort thing that will be perfect to sling on to do the school run in the warmer weather to come! Optimistic or what?

Here's me in it after a little try on!

So has Pull & Bear reached a town near you? Have you come across their website and ordered online? I was impressed to see that they offer click and collect as when I first visited they were out of stock in my size of the dress! There will be more purchases for me from this lovely store of that I am sure!

Here a few of my outfits from the last week or so!

Whistles biker jacket (last year)
Zara black cupro T (current)
M&S loungewear trousers (old)
Kurt Geiger Laurel slip-ons (current)

Topshop Coat (last year)
Jaeger sweater (outlet - current)
Gap skinnies (outlet - old) 
Office brogues (last season)
M&S bag (last season)
Warehouse scarf (old)

7 for All Mankind biker jacket (T K Maxx last year)
H&M kidswear Breton (last year)
Gap orginal fit jeans (last year)
Converse (ancient)
Mulberry messenger (outlet - ancient)

Next bomber (current - gifted)
Zara grey T (current)
H&M boyfriends) (last year)
Kurt Geiger Laurel slip-ons (current)

I shall be back shortly......lots to report on as I have been a very bad girl this month and notched up a fair few purchases already, that said I have found some cracking bargains in the mid-season sales! Anyone else been like me and really splurged this month....we are not even half way through! I'm off to Westfield shopping centre for the first time tomorrow, there is very little chance of me coming back empty handed isn't there?! 

Look forward to hearing you comments, I love responding to them!

Back soon!

Michelle xx