26 March 2014

One yearning fulfilled!

Well eventually I whittled my bag yearning down to this gorgeous saddle bag from Zatchel's

Here it is in the flesh.......

You gotta love Pinterest because the eventual purchase was all because of this......

Influenced because I already had these...........

And so I've tried to re-create my own version of my inspiration here!

Wearing it above with Gap sweater, Zara chinos and Birkenstock black Arizona's

Here are a  couple more of the Pinterest inspired looks I am hoping to recreate! 

The Zatchel saddle bag is the smaller size of the 2 offered on the website......it is perfect to fit my purse, sunnies, keys, tissues and lippy! It is lovely quality and value for £65! The Birkie's are courtesy of Amazon here although Office has a 25% off voucher in Grazia this week!!

Moving swiftly on to what I have actually been wearing this week...no sign of any sandals as it has been way too cold!! Brrrr!!

Zara blazer
Zara grey T - this is new but I can't find it online, it was £12.99 in the TRF section
Dortothy Perkins coated jeggings
Kurt Geiger Laurel slip on's

Zara jacket
Topshop slouchy T
M&S loungewear trousers
Topshop Vamp slip on's

Topshop coat
Jaeger sweater
Gap skinnies
Kurt Geiger Laurel slip on's
Marc Jacobs bag

Primark baseball jacket
Pull & Bear sweatshirt
Gap skinnies
New Balance trainers
Marc Jacobs bag

Topshop coat
Gap merino v-neck (not seen)
Gap skinnies
New Balance trainers
Zatchel's saddle bag

It's a short, sweet and picture heavy post this week.....had a hectic few daysu! A busy weekend followed by cramming all my normal stuff into two days as I was lucky enough to get to spend today with my darling daughter as her teacher was off because of the strike action!! Anyway we dragged my mum/nanny along to the McArthur Glen outlet in Swindon where the little un' was spoiled rotten in Claire's.....however I am happy to report that I am sat here shining my halo as I bought nada!! Yes you heard that right....NOTHING!! Hoping I can hang out until April now before I make any more purchases.....counting down the days ;0) Can I make it until next week...lol?!

I do love to read and respond to your comments.....always happy to hear your thoughts!

Wishing you all a wonderful end of week!

Be back soon! Michelle xx


19 March 2014

Time for T K Maxx

On Monday I was due to catch up with Fiona from Avenue 57 but life often gets in the way of such arrangements as so we had to cancel :0( As the DH was working from home that day I needed an excuse to get out of the house as he drives me bonkers when he is home! I told him I was off out to do some 'research'! Which was totally true of course....after all I am still after the elusive black cross body bag, the yearning I told you about a couple of posts back. I decided a trip to T K Maxx was in order as it's been a long while since I darkened the door of my local branch! You do need to invest a bit of time if you want to find the bargain designer stuff and so I set off with a couple of hours to spare! We are lucky enough to have a great one on our doorstep (10 mins drive away) and I was rather hopeful that there could be some success in the bag hunt as they often have a great selection.....last year I actually stumbled across an Alexander Wang small black Rocco for £499.95!! I hyperventilated and then some!! However it did not come home with me as I was being frugal for my budget challenge at the time!! But I have been lucky enough to bag some fab bargains from there so off I went! I might as well tell you now that I didn't find the style of bag I was looking for but they had some great stuff in.....are you a fan of Michael Kors?

Love the metallic's, perfect for Spring....still a rather hefty price tag at £199.99!

If the MK fabric monogrammed tote would suit you better, so would the price at £129.99

I was pretty taken with this cross body bag....but I wouldn't get enough in it!

If I didn't already have a couple of tan bags I may have taken this Paul Costello one home!

Another nice neutral bag from Modalu

More in the way of neutrals from Dune (I almost bought this last year in the House of Fraser sale!).

And lastly on the bag front also from Dune, this one is a bit more business like. I noticed they did have a good selection of the Dune, Paul Costello and Modalu bags on their website too should you be tempted to take a peek!

I had a quick flit around the shoe department....I loved these Vans!! A cross between a skater shoe and boot!

Also found these lovelies from Dune

And so to the fitting room......where the fitting where I tried on a few Gilly Hicks (Abercrombie & Fitch group just in case you are not familiar with the brand) items. I couldn't justify another grey sweatshirt otherwise this one would definately have come home with me!

I know a girl can never have enough stripes but once again I reigned in the urge to buy anymore even though these were both lovely and nice quality for £9.99

I did also try on some Maison Scotch jeans in the clearance for just £18 but alas they were not meant to be as they had a striped turn-up and I felt a bit pirate-like in them!

These James jeans looked like a good purchase too! They were a fab fit but a straight leg that was way too long to turn up.....shame :0(

One last item which I really loved was this Ralph Lauren navy silk top, so, so gorgeous but I was just not sure I have occasion to wear it!

So did I buy? No......wasn't I good?! I walked away with none of the above, after all I did go in for a black bag! What I found though was that T K Maxx had some super stuff in, I would definately take a look in there if you are in need of something for an occasion as they had some lovely Ghost jersey wrap dresses, I saw a gorgeous Paul Costello cream self-embossed lightweight coat which would have been fab for a Spring wedding (it did not photograph well because of the light!). They also have some great pieces from Clements Ribeiro which would have been great for a special occasion.

I may have been good in T K Maxx as I made have made one or two other purchases this past week. I did go with the Topshop Vamp black croc skater shoe as an alternative to my Kurt Geiger Laurel's. These are the are a good shape as they are narrow and don't come up too far on the front, a good price at £20 too!

I did take advantage of the Gap 30% and bought this shirt. I can't seem to find it online!

Not a bad little haul and there are still one or 2 bits on the wish list that I am trying to secure including the black bag! 

So have you ever snagged any super bargains from T K Maxx? If so I would love to hear all about them!

The usual quick round-up of outfits from the past few days!

Topshop coat
Zara cream sweat top
Gap skinny's
KG Laurel's Skater shoes
Marc Jacobs bag

Whistles sweat top
Gap original fit jeans
KG Laurel Skate shoes (again...can you see why I need another pair!)

Uniqlo silk shirt
Gap sweater
Gap skinny's
Topshop Vamp skater shoes

Pull & Bear sweatshirt
Uniqlo check shirt
Gap skinny's
Topshop Vamp skater shoes

River Island coat via ASOS
Zara check shirt
Vintage Ferragamo sweater
Gap skinny's
Office Brogues
Episode bag via House of Fraser outlet on eBay

That is all folks! Would love to hear your thoughts on any of the above, as always I love reading your comments and responding to them.

Until next time!

Michelle xx

12 March 2014

Mad March!

March has already turned out to be a great month for me! If you read my last post you will know that I had a fab meet up in London with some other lovely fellow bloggers, had word that my request to take voluntary redundancy at work was accepted and that I also had been nominated for a MAD award too! Just to top off the good fortune Essentials magazine also featured me in their 'What you're wearing' article in their April edition!

Said article here......also featuring Frances from School Run Style, Rosanna from Silver Brogues and Laura from My Pollyanna

And here's me in my 'Chic Layering'!

A big thank you to Essential magazine, I was very flattered to be asked to participate!

As I am now throwing myself headlong into getting my CV together and job searching I have had little time to shop or research this week so I am just going to share with you my hit & miss purchases of the week!

The Hit!

I have been hankering after a spotty shirt for a while as you can see from above in the Essentials article so I took the plunge and ordered this silk shirt from Uniqlo and I am happy to report that's it's a no-brainer, complete winner in my book! Love it!

I did a quick try on here

The Misses

It a moment of madness I ordered 2 pair of the Skater shoes from H&M as I was putting in a kidswear order taking advantage of the 10% and free delivery last week. I ordered the snakeskin and black quilted styles. They arrived and they are lovely as you can see but compared to my beloved Kurt Geiger Laurel's they are ever so slightly differently shaped and for me it is all in the detail so these are going back! I am going to try the Topshop Vamp in black croc.....so I shall report back on my findings!

The Not So Sure About Purchase

Really do not know what to do about this next item. I ordered some chino's from Next which looked lovely in the photo here but in reality don't look this shape on me at all. In the pic they look like a relaxed fit but I found them rather tight around the calf's so they went back. Sorry I didn't take photographic evidence of how bad they looked on me!

So when the Gap 30% voucher dropped into my inbox I decided to see what they had to offer in the way of chino's. They call their version Khaki's.

I'm just not convinced though.....what do you think?

In all likely-hood these will be going back as I'm not 100% sure and I do tend to live by that old adage 'if in doubt don't'! This is probably because there are also a couple of other bits on my radar which I am toying with which I shall share another day!

A quick round-up of my outfits from these past few days when at last we have seen a bit of sunshine! Yay!

H&M sweater
Gap original straight jeans
Kurt Geiger Laurel pumps

Topshop denim shirt
M&S loungewear trews
Kurt Geiger Laurel pumps

Primark Baseball jacket
H&M sweater
Zara Jeggings
Zara hi-tops

Primark baseball jacket (again!)
Gap sweater
Gap jeans
New Balance trainers

Topshop coat
Zara top
Gap skinny's
New Balance trainers
Marc Jacobs bag

Have you made any hit or miss purchases this week? Taken advantage of any of the fab discounts around at the moment? I am sure to have some more hits and misses to share with you next time! Until next time!

I love reading and responding to your comments!

Hope you are all having a great week!

Michelle xx