30 December 2013

My best buys so far this season......

I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite buys of the Autumn/Winter season so far. These are my top 5 purchases and they are shaping up my wardrobe choices nicely going forward! Since I bought item number one on my list I have worn little else....I would happily wear them everyday, so bearing that in mind, more than one of things I am looking to bag in the sales may have been based on the fact the the New Balance trainers have been such a huge success for me. They go with everything! Black, navy, grey and camel.....so pretty much everything in my wardrobe! They have already been worth every penny!!

2nd up is another very recent purchase! I do love my coats and this Topshop one is another piece in my wardrobe that I would wear every day. Love the style and length, it's very plain with no gold or silver hardware....just a press stud which for me just makes it mega versatile! Another great buy which will serve me well into Spring! At just £45 it was such a bargain, although it's now back up to the original price of £58 which I would have happily paid for it!

Next is my favourite pair of jeans of the season. I was looking for a charcoal grey pair of skinny's and when I came across the Topshop Leigh I knew they'd be perfect! They are super skinny, ankle grazers and they are perfect for fitting nice and snug into boots. They have been a brilliant addition to my wardrobe because they have worked so well for day and evening looks. I've worn them with snakeskin sandals and a cream tux for a party and in the daytime I have loved them with tan boots and a long-line sweatshirt. I shall be looking to invest in other colours of the same style come Spring.

4th item on the list is an accessory and a very cheap one at that! This Primark scarf was a fiver and undoubtedly the best accessory I've bought in a long time! It's another item that goes with everything and I wear it almost everyday.....I love it, need I say anymore?

Last but not least in my top five is another item which I have found so versatile! It's my black and navy mix tartan shirt from Zara. Really useful as I've worn it with black and navy (I don't usually mix the 2!) and it's been another great article that's been a triumph for day and evening looks. For day I've worn it with a sweater, skinny's and trainers and for evening I've teamed it with coated skinny's, boots and a statement necklace to wear out to dinner. This shirt has served me well....I'm even thinking of teaming it with a pencil skirt and leopard print heels for one of the many 'do's' I have coming up in the New Year!

Looking back at what has been successful for me has been a bit of a revelation as it is all very much more casual than I imagined it would be! Interesting too, that a couple of the above are pieces have worked so well for me for day and night looks, I think it says a lot about the kind of life I lead! But hey! I've found my style niche and shall be sticking with it as it is perfect at the moment! This little exercise has really given me a clear prospective about what I SHOULD be looking to acquire in the sales.....let's see if I can keep on the straight and narrow with that theory!

Have you worked out which items have been your best buys yet? What are you likely to be investing in the sales? Would love to hear all about your successes and what you are after to go with them!

I have already obtained a few new bits as Santa was very good to me.....I did get a couple of items from my M&S Leopard-print wish list! Very happy to have received this gorgeous bag!

And the pointed courts

Mother-in-law came up trumps with this fab sweatshirt from Hobbs!

And also this fab bobble hat from Warehouse

The little 'un (with a lot of help from dad) got me an initial necklace very similar to the Esty one I featured a couple of posts back! It is actually made by Oreilia which was the other brand that I had picked some gorgeous necklace choices from. This one was found on the Not on the High Street website after a certain somebody left a very helpful comment.....thank you Sue!

Actually I have done so well.....I shouldn't need anything in the sales but you know how it is ;0)

Apologies now as I have been so lax on the outfit front.....some days I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of what I'm wearing.....just been totally engrossed in preparation for the big fella in the red suit arriving! Anyhow here goes with some random outfits from the past week!

Uniqlo grey sweater
Gap real straight jeans
New Balance 410 trainers
Addition of the H&M coat in the 2nd pic

H&M sweater
H&M denim shirt
Gap skinny's
Steve Madden boots

This was my Christmas day outfit.....terribly boring I know but I was at home so it was all about comfort!

River Island drapey cardy
Gap black T
Dorothy Perkins coated jeggings 
Oasis pumps

Be prepared to be shocked! I can't quite believe that I have finally braved some colour with the pop of pink!

Topshop coat
Levi vintage denim jacket
M&S pink sweater
H&M tye-dye jeans
Ash Genial wedges

Wearing the Christmas sweatshirt today 

And a shot with the new bobble hat!

Hobbs sweatshirt
Gap skinny's 
New Balance 410 trainers
Added Topshop coat
Warehouse bobble hat 
Zara scarf
Marc Jacobs bag for 2nd pic

I shall be back shortly with a tale of a sale purchase or 2! Would love to hear all about what Santa brought you and as always I look forward to reading your comments on any of the above!! I hope everybody has had a wonderful Christmas and that you are all ready to embark on a fabulous 2014!!

Be back soon........Michelle x



  1. I agree that those trainers are fab on you and you're certainly getting your wear from them. I've resisted the sales as I don't need anything and I don't like the pushing and shoving involved and all the dire items they seem to wheel out just for the sale! I'm happy to check out everyone else's bargains though! Now off to check out that necklace as it's my birthday in 2 weeks... Lynne xx

  2. The trainers are definately the inspiration for one of my sale purchases which I will share soon! Truth be told I don't need anything either and I don't have the inclanation to have a good root around to find the real bargains! I tend to do the research at home then go into town single-mindedly to maybe one or 2 stores to get what I want and then escape! I am done for the time being but loving seeing and hearing about what everyone else is getting too!
    Hope the birthday fairies bring you everything you want :0) xx

  3. Christmas Day outfit defo not boring!!! Necklace is a beaut as is that sweatshirt, did MIL have help with that purchase??? I think your way of thinking (the best 5 purchases) is v clever. You're a great inspiration to me and I think you're gonna save me money in 2014 ; ) Vikki xx

    1. Lol....Vikki I do hope that I help rather than hinder as far as purchasing goes! Lovely to hear that you are inspired......I'll try and keep up the good work ;0)

      You know me so well! MIL did get a helping hand as I saw that sweatshirt whilst out with my mum and I guess these 2 great ladies got their heads together and done good xx

  4. Wow you'e had some lovely Christmas pressies Michelle & I absolutely love your necklace from your daughter....just gorgeous. Wishing you a fantastic New Year Jane xx

    1. Didn't I do well Jane! It's fair to say I was chuffed to pieces with all my pressies! Thanks to my lovely family I did get everything I wished for!

      Hope you have a fantastic New Year too! xx

  5. Your trainers have definitely been a great buy...& you'll be able to wear them into the Spring/Summer too!, bonus!! The Hobbs sweatshirt is just lovely....your MIL has great taste!! Your necklace is beautiful too...love it! I've tried to be restrained in the Sales, it's so easy to get carried away & end up buying things for the sake of buying rather than because you want/need them...I've only bought items that I've had my eye on from earlier in the season & that I know I will wear (well, apart from a pair of wedges from Gap that were reduced from £44.95 to £6.99...yes really!!!) Sian x

    1. I like the sound of your plan Sian.....brilliant that you have pretty much stuck to it! I need to go shopping with you.....I love the sound of the Gap wedges.....what an amazing reduction!! I have found some amazing bargains in there in the past, I did manage to snag one thing in there recently.....shall be spilling the beans on that shortly ;0) xx

  6. Michelle - you will never guess - I bought that bag when there was the 20% off in M&S and I returned it on Christmas Eve as I was being good! Talk about great minds - now I'm going to regret that decision every time I see you toting yours around. And lovely idea to sum up your 5 best buys. I think we must have been seperated at birth because I'm trying to get my backside in gear to do something similar. And you might not believe it but I haven't bought anything yet in the sale this side of Christmas. I might have done before though :o)

    And I'm glad your necklace worked out - it's a cutie. I want one. And the best thing - no taxes or duties. Yay!

    1. What are we like Sue!! I didn't link any of my Christmas gifts as I don't want to know how much they've been reduced by but I bet that bag has been reduced by more than 20%now.....not that I'm trying to tempt you, but it is really lovely!

      You will be happy to hear I have been pretty restrained at the moment, only a couple of sales purchase....how long this will last goodness only knows. I look forward to seeing all your pre-Christmas bargains though!

      Can't thank you enough for the necklace tip-off! It made present buying stress free for the DH that's for sure! It's so dainty....I adore it xx

  7. Hi Michelle!! Perfect top five here, of course I'm adoring the Primark scarf too, I've been wearing it virtually 4-5 days a week since I bought it, a real style bargain! I love your New Balances, I was lucky that my son got me 3 pairs of trainers from his PR company where he works as my Christmas present, plus a grey sweatshirt so I'm really happy with these! I love your black bobble hat and your leopard bag and one thing you left off your list was your gorgeous Uniqlo fleece jacket- I need to raid your wardrobe, hehe!! You've done really well with picking your items, I love your style anyway and your necklace is adorable too! Hope you Christmas was lovely and have a happy new year! xxx

    1. Hey Sharon! I've actually been so thrilled with the Primark that I would most definately invest in something similar but better quality.....like the hubby's Aquascutum club check scarf! It's been worth it's weight in gold!

      How lucky are you on the trainer front.....I would love to extend my collection by 3 pairs....I am working to remedy that situation ;0) What a sweetie your son is!! Think the grey sweatshirt will be so useful too!

      I think the Uniqlo fleecy coat would have made an appearance on the list had the weather not been so mild! It will come in to it's own once the temps plummet again!

      Hope you had a fabulous Christmas and have an amazing New Year! xx

  8. You really did get some lovely bits, I so want that bobble hat, bought them for all three of my daughters totally forgetting about myself! Love the Hobbs sweatshirt too - perfect mother in law me thinks! I had already been thinking about the things I love best from 2013 so will get round to posting those at some point xx Happy New Year to you and yours xx

  9. Look forward to seeing what's on your favourites list Sharron!! Doing a bit of a wardrobe review has definitely worked wonders for the sales shopping!! I've only made a couple of purchases and for once I'm actually not hankering for anything else at the moment!! It feels good that I'm sticking to my formula!!
    Very happy with all my Christmas bits which is another reason all my wardrobe wishes have been fulfilled!! I'd love to see you in a bobble hat....you'll have to borrow one from one of your lovely girls! :0) xx

  10. Oh I really want those trainers now...I have hovered over the buy button a few times and my trainer fear has stopped me but you make them look so elegant and feminine. I may have to just try them out...I definitely need the comfort factor as I'm struggling to wear any sort of heel during the day in recent months.
    What lovely Christmas presents - your family know you so well and I adore all the outfits but the one that stood out for me was the pop of pink. Gorgeous on you! Please do it more!
    Happy New Year to you and your family Michelle and keep up the brilliant blogging in 2014. I love your style and you're so down to earth and lovely on your blog. Makes it a pleasure to read. Ax

  11. Aww Avril I'm blushing....thank you so much for the lovely compliments so glad to hear that you enjoy reading all about my clothing shenanigans!! A couple of my friends who follow have said that they often chuckle to themselves as I do come across exactly the same in person, as if I were in conversation with them.....hope they mean it in a good way lol!!
    Give the trainers a go, you can always try them at home and return if you're not sure but you will love them.....I guarantee it!! So comfy and they will make you feel cool and down with the kids!! I seem to remember you having the same dilemma with the wedge trainer and you ended up with a fab pair in the end!!
    I will endeavour to do a bit more colour just for you!! x

  12. You got some lovely presents Michelle.. Glad you got your leopard bag and shoes. I love the sweatshirt and bobble hat too.. You look very cute in the hat! Xxx

    1. I've been a lucky girl Liz....so happy with my lovely pressie's! All winners....so chuffed with them all xx

  13. You really made some fantastic purchases there Michelle! MIL really did come up trumps too & the necklace is just adorable! The pink looks fantastic on you & I didnt inject as much colour into my winter wardrobe as I would of liked! I'm happy with my sales purchases but there are a few more things I'd like! ;) Ax