30 December 2013

My best buys so far this season......

I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite buys of the Autumn/Winter season so far. These are my top 5 purchases and they are shaping up my wardrobe choices nicely going forward! Since I bought item number one on my list I have worn little else....I would happily wear them everyday, so bearing that in mind, more than one of things I am looking to bag in the sales may have been based on the fact the the New Balance trainers have been such a huge success for me. They go with everything! Black, navy, grey and camel.....so pretty much everything in my wardrobe! They have already been worth every penny!!

2nd up is another very recent purchase! I do love my coats and this Topshop one is another piece in my wardrobe that I would wear every day. Love the style and length, it's very plain with no gold or silver hardware....just a press stud which for me just makes it mega versatile! Another great buy which will serve me well into Spring! At just £45 it was such a bargain, although it's now back up to the original price of £58 which I would have happily paid for it!

Next is my favourite pair of jeans of the season. I was looking for a charcoal grey pair of skinny's and when I came across the Topshop Leigh I knew they'd be perfect! They are super skinny, ankle grazers and they are perfect for fitting nice and snug into boots. They have been a brilliant addition to my wardrobe because they have worked so well for day and evening looks. I've worn them with snakeskin sandals and a cream tux for a party and in the daytime I have loved them with tan boots and a long-line sweatshirt. I shall be looking to invest in other colours of the same style come Spring.

4th item on the list is an accessory and a very cheap one at that! This Primark scarf was a fiver and undoubtedly the best accessory I've bought in a long time! It's another item that goes with everything and I wear it almost everyday.....I love it, need I say anymore?

Last but not least in my top five is another item which I have found so versatile! It's my black and navy mix tartan shirt from Zara. Really useful as I've worn it with black and navy (I don't usually mix the 2!) and it's been another great article that's been a triumph for day and evening looks. For day I've worn it with a sweater, skinny's and trainers and for evening I've teamed it with coated skinny's, boots and a statement necklace to wear out to dinner. This shirt has served me well....I'm even thinking of teaming it with a pencil skirt and leopard print heels for one of the many 'do's' I have coming up in the New Year!

Looking back at what has been successful for me has been a bit of a revelation as it is all very much more casual than I imagined it would be! Interesting too, that a couple of the above are pieces have worked so well for me for day and night looks, I think it says a lot about the kind of life I lead! But hey! I've found my style niche and shall be sticking with it as it is perfect at the moment! This little exercise has really given me a clear prospective about what I SHOULD be looking to acquire in the sales.....let's see if I can keep on the straight and narrow with that theory!

Have you worked out which items have been your best buys yet? What are you likely to be investing in the sales? Would love to hear all about your successes and what you are after to go with them!

I have already obtained a few new bits as Santa was very good to me.....I did get a couple of items from my M&S Leopard-print wish list! Very happy to have received this gorgeous bag!

And the pointed courts

Mother-in-law came up trumps with this fab sweatshirt from Hobbs!

And also this fab bobble hat from Warehouse

The little 'un (with a lot of help from dad) got me an initial necklace very similar to the Esty one I featured a couple of posts back! It is actually made by Oreilia which was the other brand that I had picked some gorgeous necklace choices from. This one was found on the Not on the High Street website after a certain somebody left a very helpful comment.....thank you Sue!

Actually I have done so well.....I shouldn't need anything in the sales but you know how it is ;0)

Apologies now as I have been so lax on the outfit front.....some days I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of what I'm wearing.....just been totally engrossed in preparation for the big fella in the red suit arriving! Anyhow here goes with some random outfits from the past week!

Uniqlo grey sweater
Gap real straight jeans
New Balance 410 trainers
Addition of the H&M coat in the 2nd pic

H&M sweater
H&M denim shirt
Gap skinny's
Steve Madden boots

This was my Christmas day outfit.....terribly boring I know but I was at home so it was all about comfort!

River Island drapey cardy
Gap black T
Dorothy Perkins coated jeggings 
Oasis pumps

Be prepared to be shocked! I can't quite believe that I have finally braved some colour with the pop of pink!

Topshop coat
Levi vintage denim jacket
M&S pink sweater
H&M tye-dye jeans
Ash Genial wedges

Wearing the Christmas sweatshirt today 

And a shot with the new bobble hat!

Hobbs sweatshirt
Gap skinny's 
New Balance 410 trainers
Added Topshop coat
Warehouse bobble hat 
Zara scarf
Marc Jacobs bag for 2nd pic

I shall be back shortly with a tale of a sale purchase or 2! Would love to hear all about what Santa brought you and as always I look forward to reading your comments on any of the above!! I hope everybody has had a wonderful Christmas and that you are all ready to embark on a fabulous 2014!!

Be back soon........Michelle x


17 December 2013

My sale snag list.....so far!

Ok.....it's time for me to put my hands up! I have already bagged my first sale bargain! No surprise there then! I just happened to get lucky.......again! I took my mum out on Wednesday to our local retail park to finish off her Christmas shopping and whilst perusing for her in Outfit I stumbled across a great black boyfriend coat in Topshop. It is very similar to my camel boyfriend coat which was £89 last year. This years style was a lot more reasonable at £58 but I didn't buy, I thought I'd hang on until after Christmas in the hope that it would be reduced. Anyhow, I kept thinking about the coat and looked it up online on Friday only to find it had been reduced to £45 which is a steal!! I know.....I need another coat like a hole in the head but I blame Pinterest and the love of my recently acquired New Balance trainers! Here is the look that lead me down this road.....now I know these trainers aren't NB but you get the idea.......

And here is my bargain coat from Topshop

So between the coat and trainers I have pretty much spent my budget for December. Now I need to sit tight and wait for January. But that doesn't stop me from making lists!! One of my New Years resolutions is to buy less (I hear you all go yeah, yeah!!) but I mean to buy better so my new challenge will to try to buy investment pieces. I already have an occasion in mind for my first purchase of the New Year.....it's a top again!! I have a friends 40th bash in London at the end of January. I don't think it's going to be an uber dressy occasion, as it's a private dining experiance with Gingerline which looks quite theatrical (if anyone has been a part of the Gingerline experiance please let me know!!). I don't think it's the kind of occasion I need to go all out and get a dress! I have been contemplating something along the lines of heels, boyfriend jeans and a fab top! I am very much keeping in mind that is it January and likely to be freezing so I need to be sensible.....no skimpy, flimsey outfits from me I'm afraid!! I am looking at the brands which I have bought from in the past where I have found some real winners in items that I wear again and again so first up is a little selection from Jaeger.

I adore this top and it is definately something I would be prepared to splurge on as I could easily recreate this look as I already have a beautiful Jaeger silk, collarless tux style jacket that would be perfect over this and a lot of my other selections I might add!!

I think this gold spot jersey sweatshirt would also look great with the boyfriends

And then there's this gem collared sweater which I featured before in my work do conundrum but that I never got around to trying but I think would be fab and slot into my wardrobe nicely!

I thank the wonderful Susie So So for pointing out these 2 gorgeous tops which would most certainly fit the bill!
Scallop edge t-shirt 

This ruched neck crepe top is the most lovely shade of pink....both of these could be contenders as they would take me right into Spring, with the added bonus that they are much more versatile than some of the sparkly numbers that are likely to languish in the back of wardrobe!

All the Jaeger tops are currently reduced......I am hoping that by January there will be further reductions!!

Onto Whistles now who aren't in sale yet.....but I live in hope as I've been lucky with snaffling some bargains there before!!

This could really work.....smudged silk spot sweatshirt, love how they've styled this especially with those gorgeous shoes!

The very pretty Alexandra top

For a more cool and edgy look camo jacquard top

Finishing with the spray paint silk top

I'm keeping my fingers crossed there will be some great reductions at Whistles! I am looking forward to a bit of time to myself to have a really good look around in the sales and having a huge trying on session!

There is also one other wish list item I am yet to bag. I've so far bought 3 and returned 3. I just can't seem to make the fur gilet work for me! The New Look one which I featured a few posts back was an utter disaster as the collar was huge and it totally overwhelmed me. I also bought a black one from Next but umm-ed and ahh-ed about it for a week before I took it back. Then last week I bought this Zara one whilst in London but it's been in the bag all week so it's going back as if I truly loved it I'd have worn it by now! I think it's a bit to in your face for me!!

I'd still trying to hunt down the perfect gilet so if this one ends up in the Zara sale I may well be purchasing it!

Or if Topshop can come up trumps on the reduction front again, I wouldn't mind this one either!

Anyone joining me in making these sales wish lists? Maybe you have bagged a proper bargain already?!

What did I end up wearing to my work do?? Sorry to say I didn't end buying anything new! I just did not have time to properly shop and try on as my mum has been poorly so I've been helping her out by doing her Christmas shopping and wrapping! I went with a dress and leopard print pumps (I needed flats as the venue meant a walk across town) instead of skinny's and boots. The photo was taken when I got home so please excuse the wretched quality!

Zara biker jacket
Vintage LBD 
Oasis leopard print pumps (eBay purchase)
New Look tusk necklace

Onto Saturday's outfit fit for the food shop and a bit of ice skating!

Topshop coat
All Saints jumper
Gap legging jeans
New Balance trainers
Primark scarf 
Marc Jacobs bag

Lastly is Sunday's outfit for going to visit Santa and his reindeer.......showcasing my Topshop bargain coat

Topshop coat
Uniqlo long line sweatshirt
Dorothy Perkins coated jeggings
New Balance trainers
Primark scarf
New Look beanie
Marc Jacobs bag

No doubt next time there will be more stuff to add to the growing list of sale items to snag.......that is if I have the time to surf the net!! The next few days are going to be very busy as it's the little 'un's school play tomorrow, 2 performances no less! Then I have work and once we've broken up on Friday it'll be time to hit the road to see our dear friends and deliver presents! Please excuse me if I'm quiet on the blog front until the festivities are all over! Phew.....pooped just thinking about it!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

Until next time! Mx

11 December 2013

Christmas present to myself?!

I have a new style crush!! Not sure if anyone else has come across The Conversation on the new Lifestyle channel which is hosted by Amanda De Cadenet? If you haven't I'll give you a quick run down! The format of the show is basically as if 2 girlfriends were lounging on the sofa having a good old chin wag! It works for me because the concept has been kept very casual so it allows Amanda get comfortable and ask some very frank and personal questions to the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Eva Longoria. Her interviewees seem to answer her very openly and honestly which makes you, as the viewer feel you could almost be sat on the sofa with them. I have to admit that I not only tune in because of the great guests she has but also to see what she's wearing as she has a look all of her own. I could never hope to emulate her rock chick style as it suits her so perfectly but there is part of her style that I could steal as I am particularly enamoured by some of the jewellery she wears! I have trawled the net to try and find a pic of her wearing this necklace it but to no avail!.

This gorgeous necklace comes from Esty and would have to be shipped from the US and so to save anyone else the trouble and faff, I shall be ordering it myself....thus making it my Christmas present to myself! You may have spotted it on the likes of Katie Holmes too, as she wore an S in honour of her daughter Suri. Amanda wears an A and I shall be sporting an M....for Michelle & mum!

As I am quite partial to a short, fine gold chain with a lovely charm attached (noting that Amanda has a few!) the above necklace put in mind of another brand called Orelia that I came across in Topshop, Oxford Circus a couple of years ago, I have noticed that it is also stocked by ASOS. Orelia really seem to specialize in this area and there are more than few of their necklaces I would love to have in my possession (if only the DH took the time to read my blog he would never be stuck with what to buy me for Christmas or birthday ever again!). This first one is my favourite. The wishbone

Then we have the double star

A lovely pair of Wings

A lucky charm Open horseshoe necklace

For some good karma Hamsa hand necklace

And finishing with Gold star necklace 

I would love a Christmas stocking crammed with these necklaces! Do you have a favourite out of all the above? Are you a dainty necklace lover or are you a fan of a chunkier statement necklace these days? 

So, onto an idea of what I've been wearing over the past week.....I say an idea as the dark mornings have played havoc with the light for at least one of the shots!

Starting off with the usual school run type attire from last Wednesday

Whistles parka
Topshop beige jumper (not seen)
Topshop Leigh charcoal jeans
Zara boots
Primark scarf

This was so dark I've played around with it so the pic is not great quality but it gives you a slightly better idea of what I wore on Saturday! 

Superdry leather jacket (T K Maxx)
H&M dark grey sweatshirt
Gap outlet black super skinny jeans
New Balance trainers
Marc Jacobs bag

A photo of me and my girl outside Harrods as we took her along to see the incredible window displays!

Zara coat
Zara check shirt (not seen)
Gap black sweater (not seen)
Gap black legging jeans
New Balance trainers
Primark scarf

Working the trainers yet again for the school run

River Island pea coat
H&M navy sweatshirt
Gap real straight jeans
New Balance trainers 
Aquascutum scarf (pinched from Husband)

Finally, today's outfit for helping my mum finish her Christmas shopping

Topshop coat
Mango sweater
H&M navy jeggings
Rag & Bone boots
Aquascutum scarf (hubby is not getting this back!)

Anyone else likely to be joining me and buying a Christmas pressie to themselves?? Now that I have done almost all my Christmas shopping I hope to have time to do a bit of a wreckie and start making a wish list of things to try and snag in the sales! I think we can look forward to some good reductions in January as there have been some amazing deals around over the last week!! My budget challenge will be over at the end of this month so the question is will I be splurging in the sales!!

As we have touched on my budget.....a quick up-date! I have made 3 purchases so far in December, the first one you may have noticed was the New Balance trainers....safe to say they have been a total winner so far as I've hardly taken them off. Good news was I managed to snag them with discount! I have also succumbed to some colour in the way of a sweater......all will be revealed shortly! I may have also found something for the work do although I am still cogitating about it and it could yet be returned!! Decisions, Decisions!!

Well, that's all from me for now! Until next time, Michelle x


4 December 2013

The Winter Tag

The lovely Liz from What Liz Loves invited me to join in all the fun of the Winter tag. I thought it would be a good way for you, my lovely readers to get to know me a bit better!

The Rules 

Share 12 random facts about yourself

Answer the 12 Winter questions

List 12 bloggers you wish to tag and let them know you are nominating them.....I am however going to cheat with regards to this part! I am taking the same stance at the lovely Sharon over at Thrift My Style (I do hope you don't mind Sharon and Liz) as I too have decided that my Winter tag is open to any blogger that wishes to participate! The reasoning behind this is because it's taken me a couple of weeks to get around to doing this and I realise that it's a really busy time of year for everyone but if anyone fancies imparting a load of random facts about themselves and their Winter favourites, well...... I am all ears!

So here goes........

1. I was a prefect at school.....make of that what you will! Lol!

2. At work I am known as the tea monster.....I drink gallons of the stuff. I love good old PG Tips!

3. I love all things gangster related when it comes to TV and film. My favourite TV show is Boardwalk Empire. I blame my childhood obsession with Bugsy Malone for this!

4. I hate meringue! I can't stand the taste or texture of it!

5. On a very random note....I am allergic to YSL touche eclat :0( but I find that Clinque's airbrush concealer is an excellent alternative!

6. Autumn is my favourite time of year.....could be something to do with the fact that my birthday is in October!

7. I have a total addiction to cashew nuts.....once I open a bag I can't stop They are my favourite food!

8. My guilty pleasure is the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' I would love to spend a day swanning around with these ladies. My favourite character is Kyle Richards as she seems to share my love of all things Chanel!

9. My husband played football professionally and spent most of his career playing for Chelsea until he was injured. Bizarrely he and I were born and bred around the corner from each other and spent our 20s mixing with the same people and going out in the same places yet we didn't meet and marry until we were in our 30s!

10. My favourite films are the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy....I do love a good conquers evil story! Can't wait until the next instalment of 'The Hobbit' is out in the cinema in a couple of weeks!

11. My favourite band/artist is The Verve/Richard Ashcroft (who I think is the coolest bloke on the planet!) although I am becoming v.fond of a bit of Jake Bugg.

12. To keep fit I bounce for half an hour every day on a trampette as if I were running on the spot! I find the exercise sets me up for the day, I can do it in my pj's without leaving the house and it seems to do the trick!

Next up....

1. What are your favourite things about Winter

I love my Sunday afternoons which are spent in front of the wood burner with a glass of red and the papers.

2. What is your favourite Winter outfit?

I love coats and let's face it, in Winter your coat tends to be all that anyone will see of your outfit! At the moment my favourite outfit is my new Uniqlo Fleecy woolly coat with some black skinny's, Ash Genial wedges and Primark red tartan scarf!

3. What is your favourite Winter food?

It has to be my mums roast lamb!

4. What is your favourite Winter drink? 

A Starbucks gingerbread latte always hits the spot!

5. How do you like your make up in the Winter?

A good red lip and darker nails!

6. What are you hoping that Santa will bring you?

Santa......if you should happen to read this please may I have a pair of flat two tone Chanel pumps?!

7. What is your favourite Winter scent?

Marks and Spencers Frankincense and Myrrh oil.

8. What is your favourite Winter memory?

A walk in the park in the snow on a Sunday morning with my dad, my sister and our dog.

9. What is your dream way of spending a Winters day?

A walk in the park, kicking leaves about, then a drink in the local pub before going for a roast then flopping down on the sofa with the papers and a glass of red wine.

10. What are the first 3 things that remind you of Winter?

Log fires, dark mornings/evenings and Christmas!

11. What's your favourite Winter song?

The Waitresses - Chritmas Wrappings never fails to make me feel super Christmassy!

12. If I could have one Christmas wish it would be.......

To take a trip to Lapland with my 7 year daughter while she still believes in Father Christmas would be lovely :0)

So there you have.....a little more information about me! Hope you feel you know me a bit better! If you would like me to embellish on any of these riveting facts (lol!) you only have to ask ;0)

So here's the part where I share my outfits from the past few days!

First up is Saturdays outfit for dapping about and doing all the usual food shopping chores!

H&M coat
H&M grey sweater
Dorothy Perkins coated jeggings
Office boots
Zara Scarf

Sunday's lounging about outfit.....I never left the house all day!

A bit of berry for Monday's school run fun!

River Island cardy
Primark stripe top
Topshop berry Baxter's
Ash Genial wedges
Below pic is with
Uniqlo fleecy coat
Zara scarf

And finally, yesterdays outfit when I was just helping my folks out!

Gap blazer
Aquascutum white shirt
M&S sweater
Gap real straight jeans
Converse trainers
Primark necklace

That's all from me for now! Until next time! Michelle x