12 November 2013

A tiny tweak to the current uniform!

I may have borrowed the idea for this look

......from here

Not an exact copy but it gave me the inspiration to try something similar! Which leads me nicely into my first November purchase......keeping that budget challenge firmly in mind! I finally took the plunge after much cogitating and went for the Zara tartan shirt which I may have seen on the WIT blog first! Just call me No.1 fan......major style stalker!

It's turned out to be a great buy! It would never have occurred to me to put a long sleeved shirt underneath a short sleeved sweater but I am pleased as punch with this outfit! You may remember this Ferragamo jumper from a couple of posts back. It's surely now classed as vintage as I bought it over 25 years ago when I worked in a boutique called Kimberly in Bath (my first job after leaving school). So glad this is back in my possession again after a lengthy loan spell with my mum! I think the button detail around the neck is very reminiscent of the statement necklace styley! The shirt works especially well under the jumper too as it's a Peter Pan collar and so smaller than a normal shirt collar thus really showing off the neckline feature. Of course I would have loved to have teamed it with some devilish heels like the lovely Laura but it may be a tad over the top for a school run in the suburbs!

I topped the look off with my River Island pea coat for braving the outdoors. The jeans are Zara and the boots from Oasis (eBay purchase).

What do you think......have I pulled this look off? Is this a look you might try? Would love to know your thoughts!

And so onto the round up of what I have been wearing these past few days.

Firstly.......again although with a slightly different angle with a sweatshirt instead of sweater and shirt combo

Zara sweatshirt
Gap shirt
Dorothy Perkins coated jeggings
Office Boots

A different take on the layered look with a denim jacket under a coat

Zara coat
Vintage Levi jacket
Gap long sleeve top
Gap Outlet super skinny's
Nine West biker boots

Slouchy Sunday outfit

Uniqlo sweater
H&M long sleeve top underneath and Primark vest
Gap real straight jeans

Ending with a black outfit for a bleak Monday weather-wise.

Jaeger jumper
Gap legging jeans
Office boots
New Look tusk pendant

Apologies for continuing along with my current love affair of the shirt and sweater ensemble, it shows no sign of waning either as with my lifestyle (basically I'm pretty boring with it revolving around school or work!) this look has been a perfect way of up-dating my wardrobe this season so I'm sticking with it! Sorry if I'm boring the pants off you but next time I promise there will be something a bit different as I'm off to a christening at the weekend which will require something a tad more dressy than my usual offerings! Although I can't promise there won't be more on the shirt and sweater front! I'll be back soon with another purchase or 2! 

Michelle x



  1. Great style steal Michelle, I saw this outfit yesterday to & loved the short sleeved jumper over the longer shirt....will definitely be trying this look at some stage. Loving your new tartan shirt too, gorgeous xx

    1. I would have tried this look with one of my hubby's shirts like Laura but as he's 6ft 4" and a XXL so it was a no go! Lol! But I am loving it with the new shirt, which I am so glad I was able to get hold of as I've been stalking it for weeks! x

  2. Definitely pulled it off Michelle, love it! Vikki x

    1. Thank you Vikki.....glad you like! x

  3. All looks fab, I love that tartan shirt, it looks great on you. Love the layering isn't it perfect for this weather as from one minute to the next it is freezing then hot then cold again! I am really using my Zara coat again too, it is coming into it's own this Winter as it is not as cold yet as last year! great outfit inspiration!

    1. I shall be getting brave and tying my tartan shirt around my hips just like you before you know it Frances........I love that look on you!

      I have fallen in love again with my Zara coat this year, as you say it is just perfect for the temps as they are at the moment! x

  4. Hi there! Laura at WIT blog is definitely inspirational and your Zara shirt is a fabulous print and colour! xx

    1. Hey Sharon! Everyone is definately feeling the WIT love aren't they! Pleased as punch with the shirt x

  5. Don't worry we all stalk Laura! Love that Zara shirt x

    1. It's good to know I'm in such great company with the style stalking of Laura ;0) She is the business isn't she! x

  6. Yes I saw Laura do this too! We all love her I think! Fab steal, Michelle x

    1. We are all feeling the Laura love! You have got to love the way she mixes the high end pieces with high street and even shares where she gets her inspiration! Off to check out to see if she's posted her outfit yet today! x

  7. I had a brain wave last week when thinking about layering shirts, and threw my whistles sculptured top over a denim shirt. Then I seen Laura in an almost identical outfit the next day, and now you Michelle so I know I'm in good company with that look. Just have to actually wear it out somewhere now. I have the tartan shirt Laura has and I love it too, very versatile indeed. So we can be stalked together!! X

  8. Great minds Trea!! This look is a great school run outfit for me.....not too overdressed so that I feel a bit of a berk but also it was smart enough to pop into work for a meeting!! I know I'm onto a winner when an outfit is that versatile x

  9. Love the layering of the denim jacket under the coat. Very clever!

  10. Another great selection of outfits Michelle. You've become my go-to blog for inspiration. No way is it boring - keep sharing...that layered look is not always easy to get right but you do it so well. And we can afford your looks - Laura is amazing but her budget is well out of my range!! xx

  11. I saw that post too & had a light bulb moment! You so pulled it off & I love the story behind that jumper! I'm living in my checked shirt atm & have it on as I type! Ax