29 November 2013

A bit of a do!

My work Christmas 'do' is fast approaching and when a say a bit of a do I really mean it!! Nothing fancy....no frills just a meal straight from work (no turkey even, I'm having fish & chips!!). This presents me with the usual problems.....what the hell to wear?!! There won't be time to get really dolled up and in my place of work.....well it's all pretty casual!! I do want to make a bit of an effort as there really aren't to that many reasons for me to do so these days!! Luckily the staples that I tend to wear to work are some black skinny trousers from Gap, worn with black suede dicker boots which I think you will agree is a pretty good foundation to start off with!! Now, I don't like to be cold so I've started by looking at sweaters. The great thing is with a sweater even if it's a bit glitzy you can still get away with it during the day!! You can bling it up with some fab statement earrings for an evening out but really tone it down with boyfriends jeans and trainers for day to get maximum usage out of it!! Well that's my plan should I go down this road! And the thought behind this....obviously came from Pinterest although the boyfriends are sadly paired with these lovely heels that really have no place in my life at the moment!

As it's Black Friday whilst I type this, there are some amazing discount deals to be had so here I am starting with a few budget busting items (thank goodness there is only another month of my challenge to go!!).

First up a gorgeous Ted Baker Bronte Sparkle Collared number

Feeling a lot of love for this Boutique by Jaeger jumper too!

As House of Fraser have such great deals over the next couple of days I have also had my head turned by this lovely little Therapy sequin knit jumper.

Moving on....this Warehouse sweater features a titchy bit of colour in the way of some orange sparkles!

Next came up trumps with a couple of Lipsy treasures, All Over Gem Jumper 

Or there is always the Lipsy Chiffon Back Sequin Jumper just gorgeous!

Rather taken with this lovely cropped lace sleeved ASOS number 

Staying with ASOS, although tis a River Island sweater 

H&M have totally come up with tons of my wardrobe staples this season, this addition would be no exception! 

Lastly......just throwing a total spanner in the works! I have had a hankering for a fur gilet which I was thinking I could wear over an existing black Gap crew neck sweater with a statement necklace, obviously something I could style loads of other different ways....not just for a Christmas do! If I can hunt down this beast in New Look over the next few days....well it will do nicely!

The Pin that lead along this line of thinking.....

There has to be a Christmas 'do' outfit in there somewhere.....what shall I do ladies? Thoughts please :0)

To finish off, here are my outfits for the past week....eek! Must apologise for my lack of posts lately! I blame some extreme lethargy.....or maybe it's been down to a marathon of Breaking Bad seasons 1-4, downing at least 2 episodes per evening!! Anyone else addicted to this show?? Gosh, it's so bad it's good right??!

First outfit was from Saturday and 'twas the usual shirt and sweater combo....my favourite as it happens!!

And with a coat thrown over

Gap sweater
Aquascutum shirt (gifted)
Gap Outlet skinny's
Ash Genials 
Zara Coat
Primark scarf

Next was a Sunday going out 'outfit'....roast dinner at 'The Fox @ Broughton Gifford

Next Blazer
Clements Ribeirio top (T K Maxx)
Topshop Leigh jeans
Rag & Bone boots
River Island (ASOS) pea coat

Monday's outfit consisted of a laid back school run look

H&M sweatshirt
Zara Tartan shirt
Gap Outlet Skinny's
Converse brown leather Hi-top's
H&M Parka
Primark bobble hat, great for 3 quid if you are prone to losing these things like me!

Another school run outfit from me for Tuesday

H&M cable sweater
Gap shirt
H&M jeggings
Steve Madden boots
River Island pea coat
Primmark bobble hat

Wednesday's offerings, I was really not doing that much!

All Saint's sweater (bought in a clothes sale a couple of years ago for a fiver!)
H&M top
Gap Outlet super skinny's
Ash Genials

So there we have it! What say you??!! Do you have a big Chritmas 'do' to go to or is yours rather more subdued like mine? Would love to hear what you will be up to and most importantly what you will be wearing!

Until next time, Michelle x


  1. Oooh, would budget allow for BOTH the Lipsy jumper and the gilet? can't decide between them .. and I love them both!

    1. Now you are talking Helen....why didn't I think of that as I could get a lot of wear out of both items! Oh dear....that looks like the budget has been swallowed up! Lol! x

  2. Breaking Bad - BEST THING EVER - I totally loved each and every episode from all the series .. I miss it.

    I LOVE that cream jumper over the shirt .. stealing that look!

    Topshop have some amazing jumpers with sparkly shoulders that I love at the moment.

    1. I am totally addicted to that show at the moment.....what will I do with myself when I get to the end of season 5??!! I don't want it to end :0(

      Off to check out what Topshop have to offer in the way of sparkly sweaters! Ta for the tip off x

  3. Hi there!! If you can you get hold of the gilet I think that would be your most versatile option, you've so many options with one and it'll take you through from season to season! Love your outfit posts, always so casual chic and you do the sweater and shirt combo so stylishly too! I'm loving your red Prinark scarf, I feel a sneaky visit coming on next week!! Xxx

    1. Hey Sharon.....I am on the case with the gilet as we speak! I think it will slot into my wardrobe just perfectly and your right it is something that will take me from season to season!

      I am not helping with your scarf obsession am I? But at £5, it is such a good buy.....I love mine x

  4. I have a similar do on Monday night...... Just working out an outfit to wear myself. I do like that jaeger Boutique jumper you have featured, worn with boyfriends and fab leopard shoes it would look amazing. I am loving your looks this week, you especially suit the shirt/jumper combo..... Xx

    1. Why thank you for the lovely compliments with regards to my outfits! :0)
      Isn't hard to figure out what to wear to such a do??! I do love the Jaeger jumper.....I love anything that has a peter pan type collar (even if it is stitched on!) and this I'm sure would be a wardrobe staple for many years to come! I can certainly envisage just as you would style with some leopard print courts and boyfriend jeans.......the mind is now boggling with ideas.....cheers! x

  5. I've got my work do (3pm lunch) week after next and prob drinks after - I really don't know what I'm going to wear - can't really be bothered if the truth be known! I'm thinking black skinnies and blank lol. I've got an awesome white tux but it's v dressy. Your idea sounds ace - good luck finding the fur gilet (sold out online?). I'm sure you'll look fab whatever you decide on. Vikki xx

    1. Vikki......if you after the black gilet keep checking online as I spoke with New Look and they said bits and pieces will keep coming through! I will warn you it comes up very small! I am a size 8-10 on top and in order to wear it over a jacket I'm going for a size 14!!

      I look forward to seeing what outfit you do decide on, from what I've seen you have the smart/casual outfits off to a T! x

  6. I love the Jaeger jumper that will serve you well for many years. Some fab looks again this week Michelle, although I need your pictures to be bigger, so I get a better look lol xx

    1. Sharron.....I shall try and super size my photos......I admit to being completely rubbish at taking photos and editing the darn things! They do look so dark at them moment too......fear not though I'm on the case. Glad you like what you are able to see though ;0) x

  7. Ooh decisions, decisions Michelle, I must admit that faux fur gilet from New Look looks pretty fab but then you can never go wrong with a bit of bling!! Looking forward to seeing what you decide on xx

  8. Great inspiration here Michelle! I'm going to wear something similar to my works Xmas do as I certainly want to be comfy & not over done! My coated skinnies are a defo & I just need to work out the rest! I'd love a fur gilet! Ax