1 October 2013

Ready, steady.......go!!!!!

And we're off! The 1st October has been and almost gone and so how have I done on the first day of my challenge? Have I bought anything? Hell yes.....but more about that later!

Do I think the challenge is do-able.....yes indeedy I do! I must admit that I got paid last Friday and so immediately went shopping (this is the only way to celebrate payday and Friday....yay!). Off  I headed to House of Fraser (20% off brand event!!) Zara and H&M.

Bet you are dying to know how I fared??!! Sorry but I came home with zilch!! Nada! But my head was frazzled with all the ways in which I could spend 100 quid. I went out looking for sweaters and there were plenty of lovely knits around but not one that would have me part with my hard earned cash there and then! I did go home buzzing with ideas about getting this and that but I have to admit that the following day......everything was all but forgotten and Friday's wishlist was scrapped! Prey tell, I hear you ask? Did I need any of it? Did I love any of it? No. Not nearly enough. However (you know you can always count on one of them!) it did make me start really thinking about items that would really work with what I have.

In truth I did get a fair bit of inspiration from my normal stomping ground Avenue 57 and so came up with the idea for this first purchase. Not that I don't already own enough stripes.....out of the last 4 days, 3 days I have worn stripes but they are all navy/white or navy and cream combo....with a bit of black and grey to mix things up a bit!! So I had my head turned by this. I had seen someone wearing something similar to this and just knew I had to have one! Admittedly not an item to set the world alight but definitely one that would bring some wardrobe joy for me!

Who would believe that it would be so hard to find such a basic item as a red & white breton?? Gosh did I trawl......for hours and absolutely everywhere I could think of!! When I did manage to find what I wanted....a 'Captain Corsaire' Alexa Chung style-y Breton on eBay I was outbid....boo-hoo! But that lead me down a path! I remembered the lovely Andrea's of Cous Cous & Cork Wedges post a couple of weeks back about the eBay Boden outlet so I checked there.....but to no avail :0( Then I turned my attention to the French Connection outlet......low and behold success at last!! The above little beauty is on sale for just £9.40 and 99p for postage......hallelujah!

So what will be next? What other items have I identified that are missing from my wardrobe??? You will just have to wait and see??!! I have to say that I now have some proper planning in place thanks to the gorgeous Jo Sidley aka @FashionPassion on A57 as she unwittingly re-ignited my interest in Pinterest!! My Husband may have lost me forever as I am now scheming away about my next purchase.....let's just say there are more than a few ideas rolling around now (all secret at the moment of course)!!

So onto the looks I've been displaying these past few days!

A swift after-work drink

Zara Jacket
Gap Top
M&S Outlet Lounge Pants
Oasis Pumps
New Look Necklace
Saturday chores ensemble
Next Biker Jacket
Gap Outlet Stripe Top
Gap Outlet Navy Skinny's
Ash Thelma's Navy Canvas
Furla Bag
More stripes for a slouchy Sunday!

H&M Breton Top
Gap Real Straight Jeans
H&M Pointy Flats
Time for a cuppa with a lovely friend

Whistles Blazer
Zara Blouse
Gap Skinny's
ASOS Loafers
Mulberry Araline Bag
A day of appointments and airport runs!

Whistles Biker Jacket
Gap Stripe Sweater
Gap Outlet Skinny's
New Look Loafers
Marc Jacobs Bag
My first frugal purchase of the challenge made......are you still believing I can do this?? There are a whole 'nother 4 weeks of October to go....yikes!! Hold tight....this could be a rollercoaster of a ride!! Michelle x



  1. I nearly spat my coffee out when I saw my name, but Pinterest is addictive and such a good source of inspiration.
    What a great buy and you still have £89+ left! it's going to be a long month!!
    But I've decided to try and join you as it's coming to an expensive time of year and do I really need anything!!!!! But at least I've got £100 just in case. Will you help me??? (I sound like an addict) xxx

    1. Jo, you are such a great source of inspiration for me! You're a girl after my own heart as you too find some great stuff on eBay.....I could do with some help from you! But if there is anyway I can be of service please do let me know! It's going to be a tough month but I have a plan and I admit to being quite excited about the challenge now it's under way! x

  2. The more I think about this challenge, the more tempting it seems. But it really is a good way to make you evaluate what you really want. If nothing else, you can buy and take back - that usually is just as satisfying.

    And red and white Bretons. Don't talk to me about red and white Bretons - surprisingly very difficult to find the perfect one. I tried three times with the Saint James one and believe it or not I am trying again. Just slap me now and tell me to give it up as a lost cause! Yours looks really nice and slouchy - look forward to seeing you wear that (with your navy pea coat)?

    1. Ah-ha! Great minds and all that Sue! Hope the Breton lives up to expectations, it would look super under the pea coat and I was also thinking it would bring new life to a black leather jacket I have that's feeling a bit unloved!

      The mind has been going into overdrive over the challenge! I have a few items that I love but that I find tricky to style. These pieces have been my focus and have certainly made the challenge so enjoyable for me so far as I have a goal that I actually think I can achieve which in turn means I will get some wear out of the lovelies that are languishing in my wardrobe! Surely it's a win-win situation!

  3. Really weird. I was in Sainsburys, yesterday, perusing the clothing before getting down to the nitty gritty and happened upon a red and cream stripy top. I would have purchased had it been in my size. Great minds etc and so on!! I am loving stripes in other colours. I am trying to calm things down but have to admit that I have purchased the Camo top ( beautifully modelled by Laura over at WIT ) so that has blown my budget as I got involved in a tussle with John Lewis over the fact that they wouldn't honour the Grazia 25% discount! I checked the Whistles website and they said they would so here I go into battle. I may send it back on principle. I will see if it is worth it. Looking forward to seeing you in this little purchase and good luck on your' challenge ( I guess with your' birthday coming up you can get peeps to buy YOU things!!) Do you like my logic? H xx

    1. I bet you will be back for the red & white Breton Helen, such a staple I think and you can never have too many stripes!! What rotters......can't believe John Lewis didn't honour the voucher.....surely it's a sale at the end of the day. You would have thought they were all about keeping their customers happy! I shall look forward to seeing you in a bit of camo and hearing how you get on when you lock horns with them...so to speak!

      I love the logic with the pressie's but I fear it would be cheating!! If I am lucky enough to get any vouchers or gift cards....well that's a different story! Some of my previous major purchases (a couple of pairs of boots spring to mind....well and the rest) were bought in advance but as birthday presents. Phew! Clear conscience! x

  4. I love seeing what you wear - you are one of my inspirations :-)
    Can you believe I went to Barcelona with money to spend and only bought a belt?!

  5. Why, thank you Fiona!

    What! You only bought a belt??? Were you feeling ok?? Lol! I can see that you had an amazing time and it doesn't look as though a lot of it was spent shopping ;0) Bet that was a relief to Mr Blake! x

  6. Great Breton, Michelle. I've just ordered a mustard one from the Banana Republic sale (part of my £100 of course - it's going to be a long month!) x

    1. Thank you Lynne! I fear there will be more stripes this month! Just hope I don't peak too soon and am spent out by the end of the week!! x

  7. Anonymous3/10/13 14:25

    Love the red & white breton Michelle, can't wait to see this on you. I'm still 'thinking' about the £100 challenge but may have already blown the limit this month.....oh well there's always next month & I'm with you in spirit ;-) xx

  8. Believe me Jane.....it is hard!! There is so much temptation everywhere!! I keep worrying that the things I love will sell out too! But! I am focused as the wardrobe is bulging and I'm not sure how much more the hinges can take!! x

  9. Thank you so much for mentioning the blog & little old me Michelle! :) I totally love the red & white striped top & seeing how you've worn it I think its been a great buy at a great price too! Like Jo says you have £89 left to spend still & that's just fab! I'm such a bargain buyer these days & can't believe how I do it half of the time! Ax

  10. Really thrilled with the top Andrea!! Thank you for reminding me of the eBay outlet shops!! There are some great finds to be had!! You are great at bagging a bargain too! x