8 October 2013

A perfect black blazer.....well within budget!

For those of you who have been on this blogging journey with me from the start you may remember that one of the items on my Autumn/Winter wishlist wayback on my first post was a black blazer. I did feature a Zara blazer which I had had my eye on for a few months. I never did get around to buying it because I just couldn't justify the price for something that I wasn't sure that I'd get the wear out of, which could in part could also be due to the fact I have an alarming amount of jackets already! That coupled with an unreasonable fear that a black blazer would also feel a bit 'work' like even though in my job I would never wear a blazer as it just doesn't fit in with what I do....it'd be way too smart! Anyway I've bought and taken back a few jackets as they have just not been quite right. After stalking other peoples style on Pinterest I've realised that there are quite a few items in my wardrobe that are crying out to be worn with a blazer and I can see that I could make up many of the looks I love if I could just find that one elusive article!!

As luck would have it I have stumbled upon my ideal jacket whilst perusing around Mango looking for something entirely different! This is one piece could really have blown the entire £100 budget but the best part about it was that it was reduced in the mid season sale to £34.99!! What a result! Probably best to put aside the fact that I am almost at the half way through the budget and I am only a week into the challenge! On the upside I have made 2 great purchases that will be wardrobe staples. Chuffed to pieces would be an understatement!

So here it is

I love the fact that the hardware is silver, it has a little velvet collar too. I didn't think I'd go for double breasted having tried a few on but I think as this one is on the shorter side length wise, the proportions are better for my shape. I've styled it up here for lunching with the ladies!

I've no doubt this is a jacket you will see me flogging again and again now that I've found 'the one'!

Going back to the first purchase that kicked off my challenge.....the French Connection red and white Breton style top arrived and is a complete success! I must credit the French Connection outlet on eBay. The customer service was absolutely fantastic and delivery was super swift.....what more can a girl ask for?!

It's fair to say that I'm really pleased with how I'm doing with the challenge so far. It pays to have a proper plan which I do feel that I have now with the help of tools like Pinterest! I'm full of ideas of how to really utilise and update what I already have! It's really made my mind tick and actually the whole shopping experience much more enjoyable. Do you think I have spent wisely so far?

Anyway onto the array of outfits I've been wearing over the past week.

First up! Getting with the preppy look

M&S Crew Neck Sweater
Gap Shirt
H&M Skinny Cargos
H&M Pumps
Episode Bag
An outfit for some Saturday chores and a trip to the park
DKNY Biker Jacket Courtesy of T K Maxx
French Connection Top
Gap Original Fit Jeans
Converse Trainers
Scarf - eBay
Saturday night party outfit
French Connection Jacket
H&M Camisole
Topshop Leigh Jeans
M&S Sandals
New Look Necklace
The morning after - hangover look
H&M Sweater
Gap Outlet Skinny Jeans
French Sole Pumps
Necklace - Present
Monday school run fun!

River Island Cardigan
Gap Outlet T
Topshop Baxter Jeans
Ash Genials
Longchamp Bag
Well that's all for now folks! I have a few ideas on next purchase that may take place....it could be a long month as at the rate I am going I will have to hold tight until November for some things!! It's tough as we are just not used to having to wait for anything these days!! Question is....do I have the resolve?? What about you?? Any one joined me in this challenge? How are you doing? Finding it hard?? Look forward to hearing your comments! Michelle x



  1. I WANT THAT FC TOP! It's only in L or XL though :-(

    I am totally stealing the preppy look as I have all those items!

    Weather turning cold tomorrow - I might just be able to sneak this one in!


    1. Oh no! What a bummer Fiona! To be fair I should have gone with the XS but I'm quite into the slouchy look so the S is just fine! I'm a bit striped out now but I do love the red and I've been wanting to get a bit more colour in my life!

      There is a lot more preppy-ness to come......just waiting for the weather to turn a tad colder......as you say allegedly by the end of the week x

  2. Gorgeous blazer Michelle, you're going to find it such a wardrobe staple & what a bargain too! x

    1. Absolutely thrilled to bits with the Blazer Jane! As you know I've been trying to find the right one for ages ;0) x

  3. I am singing Happy Birthday to you, as I know it is around and about but I can't remember the exact date!! Nancy's Birthday and numerous other little one's birthdays have totally melted my brain. Loving your' latest purchase it looks fab. xx H xx

    1. Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes! The big day was on Sunday 6th but having been to an amazing party the night before the day was a bit of a write off!

      Hope your little one has a really super birthday today x

  4. Looking gorgeous - I'm so glad to have found your blog AT LONG BLOOMIN LAST! Why did I not know about it sooner? Off now for a read of all your older posts...Avril x

    1. So glad you have found me at last!! Always love your style Avril.....so chuffed to pieces you are now onboard with my little blog! Thank you for the lovely compliment x

  5. I must say happy birthday now before it passes me by and I miss it.

    And lovely outfits - you just have a knack for putting everything together and looking very chic even when dressed down. But didn't you do well on your black blazer? And doesn't it look just perfect on you? I bought a black jacket way back in Jan/Feb. Still got the tags on it (I should be shot). I need to get the sleeves altered and then it's ready to go. Where I don't know but at least it will be ready.

    And so well done for even trying this challenge. First week in and I would have blown the entire budget. If I'd been doing it :o(

    1. Thank you too Sue for the birthday wishes! I wasn't up to shouting it from the rooftops........did party way too hard on Saturday night!!

      Praise indeed coming from you about my outfits too as I get so much inspiration from you! Thrilled to bits with the blazer.....I really didn't realise how I needed one but very glad I hung on until I found just the right style for me. What a joy to get it for such a good price too! That's another reason I am really enjoying the challenge, who would have thought you could get so creative with just 100 quid in your pocket!

  6. Great blazer, Michelle and happy birthday! I've spent £16.99 on a Banana Republic bangle and just ordered a Seasalt jumper for almost £50 (though it could be returned yet...). It's hard going!!! Lynne x

    1. You are doing well Lynne.....keep going! I just keep thinking that once it's gone it's gone and it will be easier to go the rest of the month knowing I can't spend a bean! Hopefully I will just stop looking and keep trying new ways of putting together the stuff I already have! Good luck with the next weeks :0) x

  7. Great blazer and really love the Breton top. And I cannot tell you how jealous I am of the fact that you own a pair of Ash Genials - they feature regularly on my wish list :(

  8. Helen.....you must stop teasing yourself and get a pair of the Ash Genials!! They go with so much!! I'd love a tan pair too! I have some Thelma's as well but much prefer the height heel on the Genials. I feel like a stork in the Thelma's!! x

  9. Brilliant buy!! I'm in serious need of a 'smart' black blazer & you have done so well with this one & you are still in budget!! See.....I knew you could do it! I think in some ways Pinterest can help save money as you can shop your wardrobe & adapt outfits with what you have! Go Girl! Ax