12 September 2013

So how is my wish list going so far?

Thought I'd have a little review of what I've ticked off the wish list so far and update you on a few of my new purchases! Happy to report that I think I've found some real corkers that I'm chuffed to pieces with!

I mentioned in my last post that there may be a little preppy-ness going on!! I found this gorgeous check shirt whilst browsing Uniqlo online and really only popped it into the basket to make up an order to get free delivery........I wasn't even going to try it on but when I did.....well I just fell in love with it!! Can't quite believe I've gone for this in red......but without further ado

After I little try I realised I would be an idiot to return it.....so it's a keeper!! I've shoved it on here with Gap Real Straight Jeans and Converse
  Slung a M&S crew neck sweater on top......and I'm ready for college! Lol!
So the original reason for the Uniqlo order was far less exciting! Still on the sweatshirt trail I ordered this in grey and black.....well at £14.90 it would have been rude not to!
I was over the moon when this did arrive though as it is a great basic, finer than my other sweatshirts, in between a top and sweatshirt making it another great item for layering! The Brucie bonus was that it was NOT 3/4 sleeves as per the Uniqlo description!! Get in!! So after a quick fling on again, here's a pic to give you an idea! Worn here with another new purchase New Look Biker Super Skinny's and Ash Genials!
So far, so very happy with this little haul! Then a free delivery on jeans at New Look came to my attention! Hands up.....I cannot take the credit for finding these!! I had already noted these jeans worthy of a look after Belinda at All Worn Out alerted me to them. I was after a charcoal colour jean but these are faded and will do just nicely so thank you lovely All Worn Out lady!
As I ordered 2 sizes of these jeans as I wasn't sure how they came up, obviously I had to take a trip to New Look to return a pair and ended up finding another little gem jewellery wise! It's taken me a while to get to grips with the whole statement necklace thing but I have been steadily building up a collection over the Summer and couldn't resit this one to bolster up my hoard!
Didn't I do well with my last few buys??! Admittedly I am feeling quite smug as I've ticked a fair few things off the A/W wish list and haven't deviated too much from the original plan! So far I have managed to secure some sweatshirts, parka, boots and the cuff from my very first post! Only had one disappointment I can think off......ordered a zebra print sweatshirt from H&M which was a disaster! Pattern was too loud and the fabric looked so cheap it was returned immediately but all in all I am delighted with everything else I have acquired so far!! A few more bits have been added to this list, just waiting on an order from ASOS (more preppy-ness!) which I will hopefully be sharing next time!! The loafer shopping has proved to be trickier than I thought....not helped by the fact I unearthed a lovely pair of H&M pointy tan flats I'd forgotten about which threw me off course. I had set my heart on tan loafers but was wondering how I could justify more tan shoes, then I turned my attention to what was on offer in brown and now I'm just thoroughly confused but I'm not giving up! I may have bought and returned 2 pairs so far but I will just keep chugging along until I find the right pair....I expect like buses 3 will come all at once!! Anyway how is your Autumn/Winter wish list shopping going so far? Any triumphs or total flops to report??
Here's a short and sweet roundup of what I've been wearing since my last post!
Time for a sweater as the Autumnal weather has been starting to make an appearance
Topshop Jacket
Mango Jumper
Gap Outlet Super Skinny's
H&M shoes
Episode Bag
A fruitless trip into Bristol in search of some loafers amongst other things

 Primark Cardigan
Zara Burnout T-shirt
H&M Skinny Cargos
H&M Shoes
Episode Bag
Finally, today's outfit for a trip into Bath in search of a birthday present.......a far more satisfying shopping trip than yesterday!

Next Biker Jacket
H&M T-shirt
H&M Boyfriend Jeans
L K Bennett Pumps
Primark Scarf
Furla Bag
So there we have it......until the next instalment! See you soon, Michelle x 


  1. Wow some fantastic buys Michelle, I TOTALLY love the look of the New Look necklace it looks stunning! Can't wait to see which loafers you decide on x

    1. Thanks Jane! Quite proud that I've stuck to a plan, I'm definitely trying to look a bit more casual this Winter! Couldn't resist the necklace....it comes in gold as well so I could well end up sneaking back for that too!! I really need some loafers in my life!! Hope I have some success soon or I'll be straight into my boots!! x

  2. Some great buys. I was unsure about the shirt until I saw it on you ... yep, definitely a keeper! Good luck with the loafer hunt. Shoes are HARD to buy I always think!

    1. The shirt is not something I would normally go for Helen but I really love the fact that it is so different for me. I've now been tempted by a bottle green and navy check one in Zara so it's a look you may see me in a lot!!

      Who'd have thought finding a pair of loafers would be so hard?? It's proving tricky but I think I've set my heart on more of a softer style as opposed to a more chunky penny loafer......well at least I've narrowed the search down a bit! :0) x

  3. Great finds! Love the shirt,especially together with the sweatshirt, looks quite TommyHilfiger-like!
    I'm still on the "hunt", looking for: a sweatshirt, timeless boots and a timeless coat(coat and boots,the tricky things, soo hard to find ;) )

  4. Oooh fab.....I fancy that Tommy Hilfiger does the preppy look perfectly!! Very chuffed with that compliment....thank you! All I need now is to find the right loafers and perfect pea coat and the look will be complete!! x

  5. Oh I am so behind with catching up with everyone. I've been playing may jong on the iPad and I've reached level 30. I shall conquer!!!

    Back to the fashion though and some really good buys from Uniqlo. I've got my niece hunting down a silk shirt for me as the one I wanted is sold out online. Uniqlo do a great line in flannel shirts and it does look really preppy with the crew neck. I tried that earlier this year and I can vouch it's really warm (but admittedly not very me) as I felt like I had two much on. Can't quite explain it but I feel okay if I layer up in jersey tops but feel funny if wearing a proper shirt. I don't know how men do it.

    And the pea coat - that's a great buy and a classic. Looking forward to seeing you style this over the next few months. I got my berry coloured one out today - I didn't wear it much last year but this year ... I like.

    Quite envious of those little H&M shoes of yours - they look like the perfect little neutral shoe. I tried some in black earlier on in the year but they didn't look right on my fat feet :o(

    1. Lol Sue.....I shall be checking out May Jong forthwith!! Am very impressed by you being at level 30!!

      I have had some great luck with some previous Uniqlo purchases so I always have a little look as to what they are offering knitwear wise!! Came across the sweatshirts and they seemed like a no brainer as being longer length they hide a multitude of sins!! Just ordered the shirt to make up the order but had seen a gorgeous check shirt on the WIT blog post that day which swung the order in favour of such an item! I didn't have a single shirt in my wardrobe until I bought a pale blue one in Gap back in June but now I can't seem to get enough of them.....great for layering which is something that has taken my whole lifetime to get my head around!

      Can't believe I had forgotten about the good old H&M pointy tan pumps!! In fairness though when I bought them I had a whole other look going on that I'd sooner forget so no wonder they were off my radar!! So useful!! That's what I love about changing over the seasonal wardrobe......rediscovering the gems you've packed away. Have just dug out a pair of pointy black shoes......feeling rather chuffed with them too :0)

  6. oooh great shirt! Totally inspired now to wear mine under a jumper. I'm joining you at college!

    1. Isn't it fab!! Never thought I go with the red but it is perfect under the navy sweater!! Off to college we go!!