26 September 2013

Setting myself a challenge!

More than likely setting myself up for a big fat fail......but hey there is no harm in trying right?!

So! After being spurred on after reading this Mail Online article written by none other than (boo....hiss!!) Liz Jones, I have set myself the challenge of a strict budget of just 100 quid per month for October, November and December to spend on clothes, shoes and accessories (let's just say that I knew a complete spending ban would be utterly impossible!!). It is just an experiment. After reading Liz's piece it did get the old cogs turning as I have just done my Autumn/Winter wardrobe turn around I am utterly digusted that I have accrued so much stuff!! Even the husband has passed a few comments about the ridiculous amount of clothes, shoes and accessories I have! Yikes.....never knew he noticed!! Of course this is not really helped by the endless stream of deliveries and carrier bags coming through the door at this time of year!! I wouldn't mind but I'm always trying to offset some of the spending by sticking stuff I'm bored with on eBay!! 
Obviously I already know that I do not need another stitch of clothing but it has also made me think about how I have been spending!! I'm always attracted by a code or voucher and let's face it there are plenty of those flying around at the moment!! The question is how will I spend my £100 a month?? As I already own so much should I just be a bit like Liz and just buy one or two more expensive items from shops that I love such as Whistles and Zara or will I just go for lots of items from H&M and New Look that will be more than likely one season wonders and that will make the wardrobe fit to burst!

With tons of clothing already do I really need anything?? Well, no. I have already bought boots, shoes, jackets and coats galore. I've bought a fair few tops, of the shirt and sweatshirt variety and a couple of new pairs of jeans have also found their way into the closet. The only thing I haven't bought so far is any knitwear.....well let's face it we haven't really experianced any sweater weather so far! The plan is for my October purchase or purchases are to be of the jumper variety!

May as well kick off with Whistles as they have the 25% off voucher in Grazia this week.....luckily the voucher lasts beyond the beginning of the challenge starting on October 1st!!

This is gorgeous too!! Amy silk mix crew neck sweater

French Connection also have 20% off in collaboration with Stylist magazine

Sadly no discount for these Zara offerings!! 

Right up my street this Striped sweater as you can never have too many stripes!

Bringing a subtle bit of colour Detailed knit sweater

Quite fancy this dark red chunky Rib Block Jumper from Warehouse 

Finally one from New Look

Think this looks more expensive than it is! Grey animal print knitted jumper

So do you fancy any of the knits I have featured? Would you splurge on one investment piece or buy a couple of cheaper on trend items? Do you think it's realistic for me to keep within my £100 budget for 3 months? Maybe I can go one better and not spend the full amount??!! All thoughts will be gratefully received :0) 

Here's a roundup of the outfits that I've been wearing during the last few days during the warmer Autumn weather!

Monday's school run look

H&M Oversize T
Zara Jeggings
Zara Hi-Tops
Scarf from The Guild Hall in Bath

After successfully taking up these jeans Susie So So style, I donned these Mango ones on Tuesday.

Mango Cardigan
Customize for the Crowd Oversize T
Mango Jeans
Zara Pumps
St Tropez Scarf

Jeans and jacket combo for a glorious September Wednesday!

Zara jacket
Gap Original Jeans
L K Bennett Pumps

I will keep you posted week by week on my new 'keeping within the budget' purchases! 

Whatever next? Michelle x


  1. I think I should join you in this challenge but I think I would be setting myself up for a big fat fail as well. Just when I think my wardrobe is complete, something else crops up time and time again. But I'm happy to watch from the sidelines and see how you fare.

    And reading through the article - it was quite tame for Liz. I think it would be lovely to be able to save to buy that luxury/better item but sometimes that little cheap jumper just gives me as much joy when I think of what a bargain I just scored. I tend to wear my cheaper items more rather than my expensive ones as I don't want to spoil the nice things but sometimes this means they just never see daylight. It's a strange one. I'll tell you the answer when I find it.

    1. The thing that drew me into me to Liz's article was how much money she had spent. I do actually keep a running total of what I spend each year and...ahem....cough....I've probably exceeded what Liz has spent on her 6 items already this year! So you can see why I'm wanting to be a bit more frugal at the moment!
      I think that because I (probably goes for most of us when I say this) have so much stuff even the cheaper items don't get worn that often so they do tend to survive a few seasons. You are absolutely right too when you say about getting a little high when you know you've got a bargain.....it most certainly does bring me joy!! May there be plenty of that going on over the next 3 months whilst I'm doing my challenge!

  2. It is a tough one. I think we just get such a 'fix' from purchasing anything. I don't know about you but the 'fix' is so satisfying when it is a bargain. I love more expensive items, too, but I find myself in a much bigger quandary because, in reality, I probably won't wear the expensive item any more than the cheaper one ( and I add even shoes/boots and jackets into this. ) All of us have loads of clothes ( just look at all our old posts on A57 if proof were needed ) and look how many times we, actually, repeat items? I will look forward to what you get up to on your' challenge Michelle. Great Post ( who doesn't love a sweater at the mo? )

    1. Yes....we are all addicted to the fix of something new that is for sure!! I think I need to start wearing some of the things I've already purchased for the coming season to see what I actually really enjoy wearing! You are so right about how many times we do repeat items.....I should look back over my A57 posts to remind myself of what I've got and how I could re-work them with the newbies in the wardrobe!

  3. Some great knitwear pieces Michelle...I keep thinking I need to set myself a small budget per month & keep talking about it but never get round to putting it into practice.....perhaps with my big birthday fast approaching it might make me actually put it into action!!! x

    1. Jane, it's your big birthday coming up so you must make the best of that excuse.....no way should you be setting yourself a budget.......you should milk it for all it's worth!! Lol! That big birthday only comes the once! Enjoy every minute of it! :0) x

  4. I love the New Look one & the Zara stripe is perfect for you! I have no choice but to super strict with myself atm! I actually like the thrill of recycling the stuff I have into different looks! As you know we have just relocated & savings are beginning to run out & we still don't own a sofa! Lol! I want a sofa asap & for now will stick with my strict budget until I get one! I'd love day in your wardrobe Michelle! I think you will do great with this challenge! Ax

    1. I hope I can do it Andrea! I must admit that I did go shopping yesterday (should have started the challenge from then as it was payday!) and started my sweater shopping. I must admit I am really overthinking things and asking myself if I really need it which is excellent as honestly I really don't need a anything but we all see and want new stuff. I was surprised that the things I was really hankering after I ended up walking away from, the Warehouse jumper for instance which even had a discount in House of Fraser but I managed to convince myself that I didn't have enough things to go with it to make it a worthwhile purchase so I left it......I just need to keep thinking like that and this should be a success! Fingers crossed anyway x

  5. Well, Michelle. This is radical for me but I think I will join you. Autumn is by far my favourite time of the year so I have already bought tonnes - knitwear, a coat, 2 pairs of boots, jeans, long sleeved top.... Never mind what I already own. I had been thinking myself that I needed to cut back and I know a spending ban is unrealistic for me so this may be the solution! Will keep you posted! Love the Whistles sweater so much xx

    1. I appear to be in good company with my challenge Lynne! As I mentioned earlier I haven't even started to wear the stuff I've already bought so why I am still looking?? There is just so much temptation and inspiration around though it's really tough to not get your head turned by something new!! Let me know how you get on!! x

  6. I'll be dying to see how you fare! Due to circumstances of not working and being back in college for the past year (finished this week, hallelujah!) I've been on a very strict budget ... in fact probably well under £100 per month - guilt induced as much as anything. And the answer is ... it's more than do-able. The item that you feel you 'can't live without' is actually forgotten quite quickly and it does make you pause and consider what you actually buy! I say this ... but as I'll be back in the world of the wage slave in the next few weeks, I plan to SPLURGE!!!

    1. You've hit the nail on the head Helen as I have already started to step back and ask why do I want this and how many of items of clothing does it go with that I already have? To be fair it has stopped me in my tracks which can only be a good thing for me. I can already see this turning into another challenge for the new year if I make a success of this one!
      Really looking forward to seeing what you splurge on though x

  7. The French Connection jumper is gorgeous!
    I always keep telling me to buy quality,not quantity but it's not that easy. "what if I buy this one expensive item and then find out that it doesn't work for me? what if the quality isn't even that good?"
    As long as you don't need a coat or boots £100 is a nice budget. You can definitely do this!

    1. I've tried a few of the sweaters I've featured on already Evi, but I haven't managed to get into French Connection yet. I will let you know how I get on with that one. I definitely think the budget is do-able. I'm beginning to think that I will go for more items rather than 1 or 2 as Zara has some great reasonable knitwear and H&M are having such a fab season I keep seeing things I want from there. It makes £100 seem like a very healthy budget indeed! x