15 September 2013

Loafer success at last!!

As I thought.....2 lovely pairs have come along at once. Just typical!! After trying what seemed like every shape and style I decided I wanted a soft driving shoe style loafer but couldn't decide between tan or brown......anyway these are somewhere in between!! These little beauties are courtesy of ASOS and I was over the moon when I found them in the outlet section reduced to £18! They are leather too!

Had another success with the ASOS order as I had been on the look out for the perfect navy pea coat to complete my preppy look. My preoccupation for the pea coat started to take shape when I saw this picture of Michelle Williams sporting hers in an article about what celebrity mums wear on the school run.......if only I looked this cool!

I have to say though that I think this is quite an achievable school run look that doesn't scream that you tried too hard and thankfully it's an easy style to steal. So now you can see where my fixation for the preppy look has sprung from! This coat is River Island from ASOS and I have to say I can't wait to wear it and start stealing Michelle's style.

Which brings me back to some more loafers. So like I said I have now found not 1 but 2 pairs of loafers! Tried these on in New Look the other day, even stood in the queue with them but I was short on time and the assistant was taking an age with the customer in front of me so I left without them. Once the lovely pea coat arrived I realised I would have to hotfoot it back to New Look ASAP to grab these as they would be the perfect accompaniment to the coat as they are the same bluey-black in colour.
This turn of events has meant there are a couple more additions to the now ever growing wish list. Just when I've convinced myself I don't need another stitch of clothing and all my footwear holes have been filled.....I have now become obsessed with check shirts and this one from Zara shall almost definitely be my next purchase. Love, love, love the Peter Pan collar on this shirt! 

So it goes without saying that I need this v-neck navy sweater in my life as I already have a crew. This is another great little basic from Uniqlo

There!! Now the wardrobe is bulging and as far as I can see I've scratched every itch clothing wise. I am preppy-ed up to the hilt! I wonder what the next infatuation will be?

Only have a couple of outfits to share.....no longer going to bore anyone with the work wear, it's not worthy!! 

Can no longer deny the boots an airing as the temperatures are rapidly cooling!!

Topshop Sweater
Primark Vest
Topshop Leigh Jeans
Zara Boots
Warehouse Scarf

Occasion to dress up again, very swanky wedding reception at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

S'nob de Noblesse Dress
Zara Sandals
Mulberry Cuff

Am off to meet lots of the lovely Avenue 57 ladies today.....am jolly excited at the prospect! Hoping to get lots more ideas and inspiration. Will report back on all the fun and frivolities in my next post!


  1. Wow some fab buys Michelle & both pairs of loafers are fab! I can't wait to see you rockin the preppy look....you're going to look stunning.

    So lovely to meet you again today.....I'm already looking forward to the next time x

    1. Happy to report the ASOS loafers are so comfy....like slippers!! They go with loads in my wardrobe too so an excellent purchase!! Almost put the pea coat on today as it was definitely chilly but I'm determined to get some more wear out of my jackets first!!
      Didn't we have a fab day in Birmingham!! Looking forward to doing again soon!! Thank you so much for getting me to the train on time again!! x

  2. Wow, both pairs are perfect! Love that they`re a subtle loafer style. They will be the perfect addition to the preppy shirt/sweatshirt combo.
    The coat is gorgeous too!

    1. I think both of these loafers will be extremely useful Evi.....trust me not to be able to choose just one and come away with 2 pairs!! Tipped my toe in gently with the preppy look today but looking forward to layering up the shirts and sweaters soon! x

  3. Seriously love the pea coat ... can't wait to see you style it. Cool loafers (and love that you ended up with two pairs, lol!)

    1. Delighted with the pea coat Helen....it was just what I was looking for!! As for the loafers....what a saga trying to find the right style for me then ending up with 2 pairs that are virtually the same but in different colours!! Love what I've purchased so far though so all is well that ends well!!

  4. That is a perfect dress for the swanky occasion. That's the kind of dress up I can't get my head round because I look like I'm playing at dressing up. I'm sure it's all in the mind but I'll get there eventually.

    And the loafers are cute and what a bargain but sadly sold out. I'm still after my burgundy Bass Weejun penny loafers. Or if I can't have those, I wouldn't mind a pair of Church's loafers (setting the bar a lot higher there).

    1. The dress was perfect for the swanky Museum setting!! It was lovely to have the occasion and location to go to so that I could wear the dress....it's been languishing in the wardrobe since the last time I wore it which was nearly 2 years ago to the day!!

      Very happy with the ASOS loafers! They are super comfy and a great colour that goes with lots of stuff in the wardrobe!! Managed to secure the New Look ones today but talk about by the skin of my teeth!! Last pair in my size!! Can see me sporting them loads too!! Next on the shoe agenda will be brogues after the loafer success.....you reminded me when you mentioned Church's!! May just have to have a peek at what they have to offer.......time to start my wish list letter to Santa methinks!!