9 September 2013

Desperately seeking the ultimate Autumn shoe.....

I am feeling in need of something in between! Something to gently ease me from sandal to boot in the coming weeks! Since I already have ballet flats in what feels like every shape and form, I'm in the market for trying something new.....maybe something for loafin' about in?!

After doing a bit of leg work I think any of the styles I have found should fit in nicely with some new purchases that I have made (more about those in a day or too!). Most of my Autumn acquisitions are very casual and dare I say it......I could be having a bit of a preppy moment!! So a loafer will fit right in with what I have been buying.....I just need to find the perfect pair!

Where better to start than Clarks as they have done a great classic loafer!

I love these entitled 'Angelica Slice' in light tan

Just as gorgeous in the black leather.......love the lighter sole.

Aldo have also come up trumps with a bit of gold hardware in the way of Caulk 

 I quite fancy a bit of leopard print......these are lovely from Dune

Or a more reasonable two-tone version from New Look

If zebra print is more your thing, these are fab from Zara

 I am pinning my hopes on these beauties....also from Zara

Although I could also be seriously tempted by these Linea Leamington's at House of Fraser

One of the above is most likely to end up becoming part of the Autumn/Winter uniform I have been banging on about! I am definitely in the market for a new kind of shoe! There is a loafer shape hole in my footwear collection! Is there anything you are missing shoe wise that you will be giving a go this season?

So onto this weeks threads!! I have been trying to squeeze out the last few wears of the Summer stuff kicking off with a last wear of the shorts!!

The last day of the school holidays I took the little 'un on a bike ride which called for this sensible ensemble as it was a scorcher!

Topshop Camisole
Vero Modo Shorts
L K Bennett
Reiss Cuff 

First day back to work.....thought a bit of an effort should be made! It is definitely getting a bit chilly in the mornings now so the scarves are beginning to make an appearance!

Vintage dress
St Tropez Cardigan
Primark Scarf
Zara Pumps
Prada Tote

Another work look!

Mango Cardigan
Gap Vest
Primark Trousers
Primark Scarf
Clarks Shoes
Gap Bag

Easily my favourite outfit of the week as I had a chance to dress up! Here's what I wore to a wedding


Part Two Dress
Mark & Spencer Sandals

After I added a vintage jacket

Vintage cardigan
Warehouse Clutch via eBay

The day after the wedding I came over all smart to go out for a spot of lunch, desperate to get a bit more wear out of this lovely jacket!

Zara Jacket
H&M Breton T
Gap Original Fit Jeans
French Sole Pumps
Furla Bag
Banana Republic Bracelet

Finally, Sunday's food shopping scruff's!!

Zara Jacket
Zara Jeans
Banana Republic Bracelet

So there we have it! Autumn is definitely in the air so Summer clothes are being packed away, time to make some room to fit the new purchases in the wardrobe! Back shortly with what I have been snapping up this season!!



  1. Love the loafers but I can never find the right pair for me, I have really boney feet and they all feel too hard when I try them on and I just can't bring myself to put my fee through breaking them in!! Think ill stick with the brogues. Some gorgeous outfits, particularly loving the last one, as I love a pair of battered jeans! Wedding outfit was gorgeous, too that dress was made for u! X

    1. I think that's why I've set my heart on the Zara ones, they look quite soft and not too clunky! I hadn't thought about brogues.....but they would be a great transitional shoe too! Think you may have started something here Trea!

      So glad I went with the blue dress for the wedding! It was just perfect for the day as it was quite a low key affair! Had a fab day with the family x

  2. Some fab picks Michelle I can't wait to see what you choose. I love loafers, I used to wear some very similar in style to your first pick for school many moons ago....may have to re-visit the trend me thinks ;-) x

    1. I love the Clarks loafers Jane, I just need to track them down in my size so that I can try them on!! They were sold out in the tan in my size, no surprise there as there was a voucher flying about at the time but I'll keep looking!! Keep you posted! x

  3. I have my little pair of Opening Ceremony ones but Zara have a pair of pony hair ones which I love and would have snapped up if I hadn't already purchased the other pair. I agree, you definitely need to plug the loafer gap. My bet is on the tan/camel suede pair from Zara. Not too preppy but very this season. More flattering on the foot too than some of the ones which come down too low. I have to do loafers because I look so bad in brogues. I'm going to put it down to the fact that I just haven't found the right pair for me so far.

    1. Sue, your loafers were the inspiration for this little shoe shaped mission! I am already picturing the many ways in which I will be able to wear them! I am off to Zara this afternoon so I may well be donning some newbies tomorrow!!

      Will be giving the brogues a try too, another great shoe staple for the Autumn that would also be great with the preppy look! Mmmm....lots more food for thought x

  4. I'm so with you & need an 'inbetweeny' shoe! I've been thinking of some brogues & haven't at all considered a chunky loafer! I may have to take a closer look! If Hubby moans you are so getting the blame! ;) You looked wonderful in the wedding outfit! I'm so glad you choose to wear that dress! Ax

    1. Having realised the need for the 'inbetweeny' shoe Andrea, think there may have to be room for 2! You lot of all got me started on the trail for a brogue too! Please do blame me for leading you into temptation, I take full responsibility ;0)

      Thank you for the lovely compliment regarding the wedding outfit.....having worn something I already had means I saved some pennies and should be able to justify the 2 pairs of Autumn shoes! Lol! What are we like??! x

  5. Your wedding outfit was gorgeous and love that vintage jacket. Can't wait to see which loafer you go for ... like Sue above, I still haven't found a brogue that looks right, so I'm all about the loafer right now!

    1. Thank you Helen, I whipped the vintage cardy out right at the last minute! It was just right with the dress and I felt so chuffed that I'd picked the perfect outfit for that day.

      I am off out later today to try loafers......fingers crossed I can find the perfect shoe, in stock in my size! I absolutely feel the need for a loafer for now but I am going to give the brogue a go to! Will be reporting back on my findings!