18 September 2013

A real quickie today......

and all because of a code. How so? Well the lovely H&M magazine plopped on the door mat yesterday and enclosed was a fab code (0747 for online purchases) or voucher to use in store for 25% off one item!! After a quick flick through the magazine I spotted this lovely coat so I hotfooted it in to town.

I knew my husband would kill if I'd said I was off out to buy another coat (ahem....it's my 3rd so far this season) so you see......I am hoping to pass it off as a jacket!! Well I would have been a fool not to purchase it especially when considering that with discount it cost the grand total of just £26.24!! What's more, in store when I paid for the jacket they gave me another £5 off voucher for spends over £20 valid from 19th - 29th September! Oh happy days!!

They also do the same jacket in burgundy

Here's me after a little try on (wearing the New Look black patent loafers I mentioned in my last post!)

Took a picture of it in the flesh too as the H&M shot doesn't do it much justice (although upon reflection neither does mine!).

H&M really do have all the coat trends covered this season!! I have already secured this parka with 25% off courtesy of a previous code!

Had I seen this pea coat before I purchased the River Island one from ASOS I could well have ended up with this one from H&M
Of course online and instore there are loads more to choose from so if you are in the market for a new coat (or jacket as I like to call my new purchase!!) there is plenty to choose from which are made all the more tempting with the 25% off! Happy shopping I say!
Are you tempted by any of the above? Is there another style you are hankering after? Will you now be taking the plunge as there is a code floating about?? Would love to hear if you have purchased anything from H&M using the discount!
I shall quickly run through what threads I've been sporting over the past few days!
First up was my outfit for the big Avenue 57 meet in Brum! Have a few pics but they are totally rubbish as they are reportage styley and I haven't managed to catch anyone straight on (phew....do I hear some sighs of relief?!).
Zara Jacket
New Look Top (did a quick change into a Whistles blouse with sleeves)
Gap Original Fit Jeans
H&M Shoes
Mulberry Bayswater
Next up was a Monday morning school run outfit.....getting a feel for the preppy vibe!
Next Jacket
M&S Autograph Sweater
Topshop Baxter Jeans
ASOS Loafers (new!)
Mulberry Araline Bag
Finally an outfit in keeping with the weather which was pretty black and grey all day!

Whistles Biker Jacket
Gap Sweater
Primark Vest
H&M Jeans
Ash Genial Wedges
Hope everyone is having a great week! There is a heatwave on it's way or so I'm told which would be sod's law as I spent the best part of yesterday changing the wardrobe over to Autumn/Winter stuff!! Look's like I shall be up in the loft over the new few days rooting around for some suitable Summer stuff to get out again.....sigh! You gotta love the British weather?!
Back with something a bit different next time.......I'd better give the old credit card a rest before it warps under the strain of overspending!! Til next time! :0)




  1. Loving your new 'jacket' Michelle perhaps I can try the re-naming of jackets to coats with my hubby lol! I may or may not have purchased a new jacket with my discount code the other day, H&M have got some great buys in at the moment x

    1. Jane!! I knew you'd be my partner in crime and would have already put the voucher to good use!! H&M have some gorgeous bits.....guess where I'll be off to in my lunch hour tomorrow weilding the other voucher!! xx

  2. Hi there! Love your new jacket, it's such a nice length and style and will be great for Autumn! Lovely outfit shots too!

    1. Lovely to make your acquaintance Sharon!! So pleased with the jacket, it's so similar in shape to something I bought in Topshop last year....I know I'll get loads of wear out of it!! Such a bargain with the discount too!! Glad you like the outfit shots.....I'm not that great with photos!! It's all a bit hit or miss! :0)

  3. Great coat, Michelle. I tried to get the parka in my local H&M but they were sold out in my size :-( might visit again at the weekend to checkout other things I've seen in the brochure too! Lynne x

    1. Keep trying with the parka Lynne.....my friend has had the same problem but they get stock in all the time!! The magazine has a lot to answer for.....I could go mad and spend a fortune but I'm trying to be good!! I know....don't laugh but A/W is a long season and it's only just started!! x