27 August 2013

September wedding outfit dilemma!!

I have a wedding to go to! Yay! License to go to town on a new outfit! Yay!

However! Delving into the depths of my wardrobe I may have found a few dresses that have been languishing there after just one wear. They are all crying out to be worn and loved once again and it seems like utter madness to buy something new when I may already have something that fits the bill. So I've dug them out and had a little try on to see what you think....

These first 2 dresses are from the same shop which is Hi-Hi in Oxted, Surrey. A gorgeous independent boutique miles from me that I only get to once a year on a girly day out! I always come back with a fabulous dress amongst other stuff as they also sell great casual wear too!

So first up this is a Part Two dress! It's that drapey jersey that you just put on, is comfy and good to go!! I have accessorised here with M&S Snakeskin sandals and a Warehouse clutch courtesy of eBay!! In the flesh it's more of an airforce blue than navy which in looks in the picture.

The 2nd dress is S'nob de Noblesse, I've stayed with plain back accessories in the way of Zara sandals and Chanel bag as the dress deserves to be centre stage! I love this as it has a quirky little pocket on one hip and the pattern is not too in your face. It really is a seriously lovely shape!

Onto the 3rd choice which is All Saint's ( a total bargain from T K Maxx!!) but this one needs a belt and fiddling with and I fear I may be hoicking it up all day but then it is fab and colourful especially if we should have a gorgeous day on the weather front! Once again accessories-wise I've gone with the Zara Sandals and Chanel bag.


For the final look I am going for a vintage dress (I do have quite a collection of vintage dresses, this is my favourite!). Admittedly I have already worn this to a wedding albeit by default! I say by default because I managed to splash balsamic vinegar on the original option I was wearing. But such were the lovely comments I got I wished I'd worn it all day! So maybe this one deserves a second airing! I've put L K Bennett wedges, Warehouse belt and H&M clutch with this dress to bling it up a bit!

Decisions, decisions!! Which one looks the best?? Which one do you think is most suitable for a fairly informal wedding in a hotel where I'm not a principal guest?? Which one would you choose?? Would love to hear any thoughts you may have!
Obviously I have also have created a little wish list in case I have a last minute wobbly and feel the  need to dash out and grab something new!!
Starting with this little Whistles number. Love the shade of blue and the shape, because it's so simple you could really go to town on the accessories!
French Connection have come up trumps with a couple of options, first up is this gorgeous Daisy chain lace black and nude dress which I think is just divine!!
Also love this patterned number and it's rather aptly named Woodland Confetti Dress
This Reiss dress caught my eye in the store and of course it's the colour du jour at the moment being navy. I would stick with a nude shoe and bag with this look and let the dress do all the talking!
I couldn't very well not cast my eyes over the Zara website and came up with another lovely printed dress

And finally I found this from H&M which is a fab Autumnal colour, would be great for party season and of course is easily the most reasonably priced option at £34.99
So what should I go for?? Something old, something vintage or something new??
Your opinions needed please!!
Couldn't leave you without letting you cast an eye over what I've been wearing these past few days
So this was a day of shopping.....food first then a good peruse around town!!
Zara Sweatshirt T
Mango Skinny's
Aldo Sandals
Furla Bag
H&M Necklace
H&M Bracelets
A family party was a good excuse to dress up!!
Something more comfy for a day spent chillaxing at home
This little ensemble was for a Bank Holiday of beach fun!
Zara White Long Sleeve Top
H&M Stripe Vest underneath
Vero Modo Shorts
Superga Flatform Trainers
Warehouse Bag courtesy of eBay
Have you had any recent wedding outfit dramas? Would love to hear if you may have had the same dress dilemma!  



  1. Hi Michelle. I prefer the first one - I love the drapey style which suits you so much and the accessories are gorgeous. I do however, love the navy Reiss one too! My friend and I once turned up to a 50th birthday party in the same dress - I thought it was hilarious (the wine might have helped) but she was mortified! Hopefully it won't happen to you! Lynne x

    1. Excellent point you have made here Lynne! Much less likely to see someone in the same dress if I go for one of the ones I already own!! A lot more chance of turning up and seeing someone in the Reiss dress. This decision could end up being easier than I thought! Your lovely comment is very much appreciated x

  2. I love number 1 & number 2 the best! You have accessorised them both perfectly! The blue dress is very elegant & the second one is very trendy but both suit you so well! I love the vintage one but I'm always wary of wearing neutral to weddings in case its too close to the Bride! Id save my pennies for lots of lovely new AW13 clothes & recycle one of these for sure! I love the style & colour of the Hennes dress though! ;) Ax

    1. Thanks Andrea, another great point....I don't want to rival the bride (luckily I changed after the service and sit down at the last wedding I wore it at)! It has also crossed my mind that I could end up looking like a bit of a berk in white if the weather suddenly turns Autumnal! This season I am all about spending the pennies wisely so the Mrs Sensible in me is screaming no to a new dress purchase, although I do love the H&M one, it's so reasonable and I'm sure it's a purchase that could be totally justified come Christmas party time :0) x

  3. Tough decision! Love the print on the All Saint's dress and also love the one from Reiss and the vintage one.
    I have only one vintage dress (from my grandmother) and wanted to wear it to a wedding once but then I felt it was too 30s and made me look dressed up. Your's is perfect,not too vintage!

    1. The colours and print of the All Saints dress are why I love it and it's made the wedding outfit shortlist!

      I do love a bit of vintage (I have a great story about how I came by a rather large collection of vintage stuff which will make a great blog post one day!) and I would love to see a picture of you on A57 in your Grandmothers dress x

  4. Some gorgeous dresses Michelle, with my favourite being number 2! Looking forward to seeing what you wear x

    1. Thought you might like number 2 Jane!! It is so lovely to hear everyone's thoughts x

  5. Anonymous27/8/13 21:56

    Love all 4 dresses. Can't decide between 1 and 2. Definately would not buy one when you have those in your wardrobe. Look forward to seeing which one you pick xxxx

    1. Tough one but I would go for number 2 for the following reasons :- You have great legs which are shown off nicely in this Dress. It is so different, I love number 1 but I would deem that to be playing it slightly safer. I would always find a reason to whip out the Chanel beauty. And just because it is more funky and simply my favourite choice. Xxx H

    2. Mhari...my minds made up....I am definitely going for one of my own, still need to decide which one!! x

    3. Decisions, decisions Helen! Luckily I have few events coming up over the next few weeks so hopefully all the dresses will get an airing at some point! It'll be a devil to decide which dress will be best for which event! Lucky I have all these unworn options otherwise this could be a costly time for the DH ;0) x

  6. I like them all but I love No 2 bit edgy but perfect x

    1. Seems like one & two are the most popular choices Jo! It will be so hard to choose! x

  7. Anonymous28/8/13 16:34

    Hi Michelle, I love all the dresses especially number 3, but you don't want to be fiddling with it, so I vote number 2 as you look stunning in it? Ali x

    1. Lovely compliment Ali, thanks so much for leaving a comment! Think number 2 has the edge over the others looking back over the comments here and on A57! It's been a brilliant exercise feedback wise x

  8. It's all personal but I have to go for number 1 and the vintage number as they have no prints. I'm still getting to grips with prints so I prefer the clean lines on these. They scream chic at me. I'm just not very edgy (makes me wonder why I blog sometimes as all I do is wear jeans and a top). However, in real life, I might prefer the prints. The last time I went out to an evening wedding do, I was amazed at how diverse and how on trend all the ladies were and it really did make me think I needed to pull my finger out and get on board with dressing up. So take no notice of me - whatever you wear, it will be lovely.

  9. Ahh Sue! You have put it all into perspective!! Thank you! My mind is now made up! I shall be wearing outfit number one to the wedding next Friday. I'm not sure who will be there apart from my dads family but I'm expecting it to be fairly low-key and outfit no.1 seems to fit the bill perfectly. As for the other most popular dress, no.2 that will get an outing the following week as I have a rather more flamboyant civil partnership reception to go to at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery where the patterned, quirky shaped number should be just the job! All in all putting these looks out there has been a great exercise, as I have loved all the totally honest feedback....so much better than a half hearted 'you look nice' grunt from the other half!

  10. My vote goes to the first and fourth Michelle, I think you suit plain better and they show of your great figure!! It's great to get wear out of something you already have, I be all proud of myself! Lol x

  11. Thank you Trea! I love all of the dresses I already own so I'm glad I didn't use a wedding as an excuse to splurge on something I'm not likely to get the wear out of! It does make you feel good doesn't it! I look forward to spending the saved funds on the Autumn/Winter wardrobe x