23 August 2013

A tale of 2 transitional sale bargains!!

Phew!! So got the first post out of the way but was already thinking about what to discuss next!!

Talking of Next, (ha! see what I did there?!) it's not somewhere that I normally shop. Having said that over the past couple of months I have totally had my head turned!! And luckily for me the things I have purchased make fantastic transitional pieces!! I may have been a little late to the party with this grey jersey biker jacket.... I didn't even think about it until the email dropped into my inbox about the Next sale preview. And for £25 in the sale I couldn't pass it up!! If only I had known then what I know now I'd have paid full price for it!! It is so versatile!!
 As you can see here, I have already found a few ways of wearing it with what's in my current Summer wardrobe but I am really looking forward to styling it with some darker colours during the Autumn months hence the dressing up session further down.......
Worn here with
Gap Neon T
H&M Boyfriend Jeans
Aldo Sandals
And here with
New Look Top
Gap Real Straight Jeans
French Sole Pumps
Furla Bag
Now for the Autumn dressing up bit.....
Zara Navy Burnout T
Gap Outlet Navy Super Skinny's
Ash Navy Canvas Thelma's
All in all a great buy, I think you will agree!!
 Another savvy sale purchase I may have made was this gorgeous Zara jacket/coat. I can't wait to wear this when the weather gets a bit cooler!! Again it's another item that will be really useful for me as it's great dressed down with jeans and wedge trainers for a daytime look but would also look fantastic of an evening with coated skinny's and heels!! Not that I get out much.....but hey the option is there!! Sorry the picture does not do it any justice...it's a lot darker in real life I promise!!
Think it looks better here...
Zara Coat
Zara Linen T
Gap Skinny's
Ash Genials
I admit to buying a few other great sale bits to see me through! Gap came up trumps with some original fit and real straight jeans, both bargains that could not to be passed up! I only hope I can pluck up the courage to wear these with ankle boots this Winter but then knowing how long it took to get me with the program with the boyfriend jeans it will probably be next Spring before you see me sporting that look!!
There have been a few other transitional bits that have caught my eye.....all in the way of jackets as they are always the best bit of a look in my book!!
Love this Zara quilted red biker jacket It would inject some much needed colour into my wardrobe......question is am I brave enough for the bright red??
Keeping within my black and white comfort zone, this gorgeous Zara coatigan
And finally couldn't leave without sharing this little number.....prints generally scare the life out of me, like colour I generally shy away from them unless they are in tiny doses such as accessories, but once again my head could be turned by Next as I have already seen this jacket styled beautifully on Avenue 57......maybe it's about time everyone saw my wild side too!!

 Here's a little round up of what I have been wearing these past few days.....it would seem that I am subconsciously preparing myself for Autumn as casting my eyes over what I have been putting together I am being drawn to the dark side already!!
My celebratory first post outfit!!
River Island Camisole
Gap Outlet Jersey Maxi Skirt
Zara Leopard Print Sandals
Accessorize Necklace
Mulberry Cuff
 DKNY Leather Jacket Via T K Maxx
Cherry Top also T K Maxx
H&M Leggings
L K Bennett Sandals
Longchamp Planetes Tote
Reiss Cuff
Primark Cardy (so old!)
Whistles Dress - Outlet Purchase
Tesco's Sandals
New Look Necklace
Julian Macdonald Cuff - Debenhams
Jack Wills Tote Bag
Whistles Cardigan
Gap Outlet Dress
Karen Millen Belt - taken off another dress!
L K Bennett Sandals
Banana Republic Bracelet
So there goes another post!! What's next?? I may have a couple of sneaky hours shopping lined up tomorrow so where will I find some more A/W inspiration?? Looking forward to have a good gander....that I do know!! Have you found anything jacket wise that I have missed? Would love to hear about any of your sale bargain tran-seasonal successes.....or is there anything you wished you'd bought but are now totally kicking yourself for not going and getting?! Would love to hear from you!!


  1. Loving your jacket purchases, Michelle. I am more than ready for autumn wear now - I'm dying to get back into jeans and boots and use my scarves again! I never seem to bag too many bargains - I think I'm impatient and I panic I'll miss out on that perfect item and end up paying full price! Must try harder! Lynne x

    1. Glad you like Lynne, thank you!! You are so right to snap up the things you love when you see them as I may have just found out!! Went to purchase the Steve Madden boots on my last post from ASOS last night and they were reduced and sold out!!! Arghh!! Fear not though I've now purchased them from House Of Fraser at a more reasonable price than they were to begin with on ASOS?? Roll on Autumn so I can wear them!!

  2. That biker jacket from Next is amazing!!
    2nd post done, looking forward to the 3rd!


    1. The Next jacket is a winner isn't it!! Think the style and colour make it as useful as a denim jacket!! Another great staple in the wardrobe!!Started on my 3rd post this morning :0)

  3. I toyed over the grey biker for so long but decided to be good in the end. And you've shown how easy it is to pair with different outfits. It's going to be a little workhorse for you.

    I have to say I struggle a little with red. I bought a red dress the other year and have worn it a couple of times but when I saw it on another girl (and I mean girl), it wasn't as loud as I thought. I think it's all in my mind as I am so used to blending in with the background. It is quite bright though - maybe a little deeper? Not so scary.

    And I'm glad to see someone else out there using a cotton tote bag. Blooming useful things for stuffing all sorts in (like new purchases).

    1. I am so pleased with the biker Jacket Sue, it is definitely one of those items that will be worth it's weight in gold on the pay per wear front!!

      Having tried the red jacket on today, it's lovely but not for me!! The colour is a bit strong and it's not something that will slot easily into my wardrobe (being sensible here!!). I must be getting old as when I tried it on I did have to remind myself that round neck jackets and coats are not terribly practical for Autumn/Winter as collars don't sit easily underneath them and even if you wear with a scarf there is still a normally a draughty gap.....and I do hate being cold!

      The tote has been a godsend! I'm all about lightweight bags at the moment, as I seem to lug around everything and the kitchen sink during the school holidays!! This one is so pretty too!! Another 7 quid well spent!!

  4. I love this. I am such a huge jacket fan. I think a fab jacket and a good pair of boots/shoes can make or break an outfit. I love the red jacket. I saw it in the TRF section and noticed that it is down as being red/coral so maybe quite a good colour in the flesh. I think it would be worth ago, I must admit I am tempted.
    Brilliant second post and I am now awaiting the 3rd, get cracking!! ( I can hear you groaning from Shropshire ! )


    H xxx

    1. I am so with you on the jacket or coat and boot front!! Whilst doing the school run (you will soon be agreeing with me here!!)the only thing anyone will ever notice is your gorgeous coat and lovely boots. So worth spending a bit more on those items for me!!

      Have no fear...the 3rd post is nearly here!! Just liked that as it rhymes!! But honestly the next one is up and running already!! Stay tuned :0)

  5. Love all the jackets! So versatile, especially the grey one.
    I saw some fab jackets when I was shopping some days ago but couldn`t make up my mind to buy one because there were almost too many choices and usually I only wear them 2 weeks until I change into my down jacket.
    This one was my favourite: http://shop.mango.com/AT/p0/mango/artikel/jacke-mit-tie-dye-print/?id=13090017_0S&n=1&s=prendas.americanas&ie=0&m=&ts=1377356365062

    1. Evi, love the Mango jacket...it is gorgeous!! Have you tried it on?? That would make a fabulous transitional piece!! You must go for it!! You may only get to wear it for a couple of weeks this year but it would be lovely for Spring too!

  6. Fab second post Michelle.....& I love that red jacket, in fact I was eyeing it up the other day!! xx

    1. I can absolutely see you in the red jacket Jane, think it could have been designed with you in mind!! Look forward to seeing you in it ;0)
      After seeing and trying the coatigan, well.... watch this space x

  7. Loved that Zara coat when you bought when you bought it, can't wait to see it on. Love the red jacket but red does nothing for me.
    Great 2nd post Michelle xx

    1. I could really do with a girls night out Jo as I would love to wear the Zara jacket over a LBD and some stonking heels....can see it over that little black one shouldered Mango dress we both love!!

      I've concluded that the red jacket is just to in your face for me which is why I don't have any sign of that colour in my wardrobe!! I'm always admire it though and love to see it being modelled by others!! x