2 July 2020

My TK Maxx finds and tips on how to shop there!

If you fancy watching me talk through these pieces - click here

Over the years I have had a lot of luck in TK Maxx and whenever I share the bits and pieces I've found on the blog or Instagram I usually get left a comment along the lines of 'I can never find anything good in there'. Well I'm hoping to inspire you to have a good look next time you swing by or even have a mooch online. This isn't a sponsored post.....my hope is that you just find it useful. A bit like eBay it helps to know your brands when it comes to TK Maxx and look with an open mind - just see what you can find! Tip no. 1 head straight to the Gold Label department (instore and online) for the big tag designer items such as Chloe and Stella McCartney. My favourite section is the Contemporary Designers where you can find things you would generally pick up in independent boutiques such as Iris Fashion or Feather and Stitch. A case in point would be this Star Mela dress I bought last year. I found it on the clearance rail for £36. These normally retail at the 100 pound mark. Which brings me on to another tip - when searching for this brand search only on the word Mela. Star brings up a whole of stuff whereas Mela brings the good stuff to the top and saves you having to filter through.

I'll link to whatever TK Maxx currently has to offer by each brand

28 June 2020

Wardrobe Additions Spring/Summer 2020

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This time I thought I'd share my Spring/Summer 2020 additions with you. I've done an IGTV video to accompany this blog post (watch here!). I have been banging on about trying to reduce my consumption over the 9 months or so (have more than halved it according to my notes!). I'm trying to make more considered and intentional purchases - only buying what I need and items that compliment my existing wardrobe. After my last post I realised that is very useful to review what I have in this way - it's been a great exercise in wardrobe management for me! I'm confident that all these items will exceed #30wears. 

So without further ado.......

I noticed back at the beginning of lockdown that I'm a bit short on Spring weight knitwear. I have a few slogan sweatshirts but I'm not feeling those much at the moment. I bought a gorgeous Pull & Bear striped sweatshirt last year. However a few months ago I got caught on something and it ripped a hole in it (now stitched up for wearing around the house as I can't bear to part with it!). For the cooler Spring days I set about finding a replacement for it and I found this Zara sweater. Such a wardrobe staple! I bought the size medium. Love the length of it....not too long or too short.....just perfect. It's down to £9.99 in the sale so grab yourself a bargain!


24 June 2020

Wardrobe Stories

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Lockdown boredom has kicked in big time. But! After watching a few inspiring videos on Youtube and IGTV I felt a little motivated to try to emulate some of my favourite kind of content. I decided to turn my hand to a video of some of my favourite wardrobe pieces.....and tell the tales behind them. Backed up with a blog post for reference - here goes!

Most recent purchase

This is my first and only dress purchase of 2020. I've been searching for something in this style for a couple of years now. On Bank Holiday Monday I started a proper trawl and found this dress......but beware before you click the button........

Dress via EtsyI bought the medium size
Birkenstock Gizeh sandals*


31 May 2020

Lockdown Wardrobe Staples

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As well as sharing what I've been wearing this week I thought I'd tell you about a couple of my hero pieces throughout lockdown. Both items have exceeded the #30wears mark. They haven't featured in any of my posts even though they have been worn on a daily basis recently for dog walks and weekly supermarket trips! No jacket required this past week though......it's been scorching hasn't it?! The humble shacket has always been one of my go-to jackets but it has held the number one spot for the past couple of months. It's so good that I have more than one version of this style of jacket......I've been alternating between two. Both of them are past season from Topshop. I have a lightweight one which is great for over dresses, t-shirts and shirts. I've also been wearing a slightly heavier duty army style one, which is oversized and better for accommodating layers, bulkier knits and sweatshirts.

Topshop shacket, past season - nearest I could find is this one* (I would personally remove the belt)
Dress details below.


24 May 2020

Making the most of my wardrobe

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Last weeks outfit round-up seemed to go down well - so I'm just keep this post simple again. It's a mixed bag this week. After a little root around in my wardrobe I uncovered a few hidden gems......more on that below.

This week I'm going backward.....starting with what I wore today.

H&M shirt, ancient - they do it every year.....see here*
Pepe boyfriend jeans S/S19 - similar here*
Sandals courtesy of my friend Sue - you can buy similar here*

17 May 2020

Just a few lockdown looks......

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I'm merely sharing a few of my look this week. I am conducting a little experiment which I will share in another post.......but without further ado here's what I've been wearing. 

The looks are all in chronological order - starting last Saturday when it was positively scorching!

M&S beach dress - S/S19 Similar here*
Birkenstocks Big Buckle Arizona via eBay S/S20 Same here*